CS vs Russell ?

Aug 12, 1999
I bought a used knife book this weekend and inside was a CS brochure about a suit against AG Russell for something that they said in their 1990 catalog. The brochure seemed to be more of a sales brochure than a query for a lawsuit. What was the scoop on this ?
A.G. Russell said something in one of his catalogues a few years back about a Cold Steel product that pissed off short-guy-complexed Lynn Thompson. A.G. had made a tiny little criticism of one of Cold Steel's knives, but he couldn't have been too critical, because he continued selling the products through his catalogue. Anyhow, Thompson filed suit against A.G. for slander, and he filed the suit in his (Thompson's) state of California. So not only did A.G. have to defend himself against a frivolous lawsuit, but he had to pay all of the expenses necessary to do so half a continent away from his Arkansas home. Can you imagine paying for your lawyers, their assistants, and yourself to go to California to defend yourself against a lawsuit that essentially said, "You said something mean about my product. I took it personally. Now I'm going to get you back"?
Yet another reason I won't be buying Cold Steel. Of course, I didn't really need another reason...

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Thanks Dr. Craig for the update on the law suit, I have always wondered what happened.
8 or 9 years ago I received a questionaire from CS asking if the A.G. catalog had given me a negative impression of CS, they said they were gathering evidence for a lawsuit. I wrote back that I didn't have a negative impression of CS from the catalog, but now I did, and I would not be buying anymore of their knives. I have several CS knives and am happy with them, but there are alot of good knife companies out there, but I prefer to deal with ones with honor and dignity, such as A.G. Russell.