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  1. wildmike


    Nov 17, 2007
    I am looking to purchase a 24" , 2# nominal axe.
    I am currently down to a few contenders.
    One is the GB Scandinavian Forest axe. It is a known quality.
    However one of Councils axes would work as well, but I am concerned about reported heat treat issues.
    I like the size of the 24" Woodcraft, although I am a bit out off by its attempt to be too many things.
    how does its edge hold up? Especially when used in harder material i.e. harvesting pitch wood?
    How does it compare performance wise to the ScFA, or Wetterlings Hudson Bay axe.

    Anyone with experience with this tool please pitch in!
  2. halfaxe


    Nov 29, 2012
    Don't have the Woodcraft but if you are thinking of the Wetterlings, they may not be around much longer. Gransfors Bruks decided to drop the Wetterlings brand and have the Wetterlings factory make GB axes.
  3. wildmike


    Nov 17, 2007
    That is a bummer!
    Other reviews I've read day the Wetterlings has a good bit thicker edge profile, so it drops to the bottom of the list.

    Right now it's a tie between the Woodcraft and the GB ScFA.
  4. RoosterMod


    Oct 14, 2015
    Council has a new heat-treating system that has all but eliminated the issues that they had with the flat grind bits... Many GB owners have told me that they have retired their SFA for a 24" Wood-Craft Pack Axe...

    Buy with confidence, they are serious working tools....

    Peace, Rooster

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  5. wildmike


    Nov 17, 2007
    Rooster, thank you so very much for chimming in!

    You addressed my concerns well.
    Looks like the Woodcraft is it.
  6. phantomknives


    Mar 31, 2016
    its nice to see something else other than the GB axes. thanks for buying north carolina made
  7. rjdankert


    Mar 10, 2011
    YMMV, but I'd factor in the cost of a decent aftermarket sheath with the purchase.

  8. wildmike


    Nov 17, 2007
    Rj, I make my own masks and sheaths.

    But the mask that comes with the Woodcraft looks like it is good, I'd just reinforce it with a couple copper belting rivets.
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