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Cub Scout knives

Apr 15, 2002
First let me apologise for not having pics to post. I don't have a camera or scanner any more. please bear with me. I picked up a couple of cub scout knives while I was out and about this after. They are made by camillus. both have diamond shaped brass shields on the handle scales. the head of the bear is raised and beneath them it says cub scouts and beneath that it says BSA and finally there is a pawprint under that. The tang stamps say CAMILLUS NEW YORK USA on the blades of both knives.

one has blue plastic scales that look like jigged bone or stag, and has twin liner locks of brass, that lock the small screwdriver and bottle opener, and the punch. it has a bail for a lanyard opposite the large blade. the blade is rusty and appears to be carbon steel. The bolsters look like steel.

the other one has black plastic scales that look like jigged bone or stag and has the same implements as the blue one, with the liner locks for the screwdriver/bottle opener (this one is longer than the blue one) and the punch. The bolsters are brass on this knife and the bail is opposite the main blade. this blade is also seemingly carbon steel.

the blades on both of these knives are spearpoint blades, like a swiss army knife. the liners are brass.

the screwdriver on the blue one is slightly bent and can't be opened by hand. I used a dime or penny to open it. the spring tension on the tools on both of them is still pretty strong. the spring tension on the blades leave a little to be desired. Both blades have flat, instead of rounded tangs, to give the blade a half-stop when closing. I got them for about eighteen bucks a piece.
not a bad find I don't think, for a couple of users with a little bit of nostalgia to them.

if anyone has any input to add, feel free. I wouldn't mind knowing a little more about them :)

they seem like old knives, but I have no way to date them. would I risk decreasing any value by doing a little refurbishing? or is cleaning them up not going to ruin some collectors piece?

I don't really collect knives except for pearl handled ones. everything else I use, so I don't know too much about what is collectable and what isn't.

You may be asking the wrong person, but when I own a knife, its my knife and I do with it what I please. That usualy means clean it up, oil it, and keep it standing tall. But thats me.
Even without the pics, I recognize these knives. I have a handful of these in my hoard, both styles.

Here's a pic of one, an Imperial, I think, but you get the idea:


There were both the blue and black handled versions, in both the raised shield, and I think Camillus also made a blue handle version with a sunken shield under clear plastic.

As far as collector value, these would have to be absolutely mint to have any decent value, and that moderate to low at best. There were just so many of them made, and when we find them used, boy they are usually well used.

All of the examples I have owned, except for the brand new ones or the later ones with the bold blue handles, have had a less than desirable snap in the main blade. The can opener/screwdriver blades have always had a stout snap to them.

I say clean them up and use them, that's what they were made for (in this case especially)

Hope that helps a little.

I did the blue one a couple days ago, and I'm saving the black one for a rainy day. thanks. :)