CUDA Dominator... possible problem?

Oct 19, 2004
I've posted a thread here before about the CUDA Dominator and everyone seems to think it's a good buy. I've pretty much decided to buy one, but I am wondering about one more thing. Is it possible that the spring, or "bent" part of the titanium liner lock will be rubbing on the S30V blade every time I open and/or close it? This worries me especially because the knife is fairly expensive and I want to be sure that I will have no problems after I buy it, and that the locks are titanium which I understand to be pretty strong stuff, which I think may rub excessivley on the blade over the long run. If anyone has any experience with the CUDA Dominator and this aspect of its operation, I would appreciate your input and guidance.

Thank you for your help,

titanium has a high tensial strength...its wear resistence unless treated in that spot like the sebenza (they address'd this problem I think a while back when steel type was changed) can vary from it being completely soft or tough as nails (I have used titanium for japanese sword fittings which I could carve with a carbon steel knife, but that was element form Ti). I dont have any experience with that knife but it would take ALOT of opening and closing to wear the titanium alloy away...
So the titanium lock, if anything is what would suffer the most abrasion? The S30V blade will not be harmed at all from the abrasion from the titanium lock?
The lock bar has a ball detent...probably hardened 440C??...that will take the rubbing. The ti liner should never be touching the blade tang unless something has happened to the ball detent.
I've got mine right here. The Dominator has 2 ball detents. The Ti never touches the blade (except where the lock bar overlaps the tang).
It has a detent, so rubbing is not an issue. Ive been carrying one all year with no problems at all.

Ive heard some mixed reviews on these knives, but personally it has exceded my expectations. I would not hesitate to buy another.
I put the Dominator, as well as most other Ti Frame lock knives (including Sebenza, BM 630, Buck 172, Cuda Maxx, etc.) as the type of knives that will be with you long enough to pass on to your kids, and them to theirs. In my opinion, nothing could have more potential for longevity.

Again, Just my Humble Opinion.