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CUDA Opinions?


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Oct 2, 1998
I've been checking out the CUDA at work lately, and I'm not really sure what to make out of it. I guess the part that really troubles me is the button that opens it: it feels wobbly and fragile, though I know this is probably all in my head.

Anyone have any experinece with it?


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Hi Spark,
I have had some experience with the CUDA and like it very much. The opening button was a concern to me at first, but after hundreeds of times opening it, I stopped worrying about it. The knife seems a little on the heavy side but it is very solidly built. It also resharpened easier than I thought it would using a Lansky system.
I think you will like it very much.
I looked at the Cuda at my favorite knife store(Beck's, right off of Interstate 95 in North Carolina) and was also concerned with the button. It works great and is very nifty, but the knife is a litte large for my taste. Now if I was going to be working out in the cold with gloves on, then this is the knife I would want to be using. Seems to be made for tough work. Of course this opinion is from playing with the knife for 15 minutes or so at Beck's.

The Button has some play, but its hardened 416 stainless construction should preclude any fragility.

I like the knife a lot as an example of sharp minds at work. It also cuts pretty well for a hollow grind.