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Jan 25, 2001
I've been going through my "collection" the last few days, organizing it in my knife chest, and pulling out ones that I'm not crazy about. I'm going to give them away to friends / family.

CRKT 5510 Kiss - thought it was GREAT when I bought it, carried it for quite a while. I still think it's neat, and I'll probably buy a drop-point Sampsons KISS to replace it.

Problems - tanto a PIA to sharpen. Combo-edge version, so it's chisel ground, and finally I have other small knives I prefer (like the Spyderco Mouse).

CRKT small Wasp - cool looking, but the thumb-stud is in the wrong place. It's just a little too small for my hand. It's too thick, so it doesn't carry well clipped inside my pocket, and it rides too high. It's also combo edge / chisel ground, which bugs me.

CRKT Mirage - not a bad little knife. Dual thumbstuds, so it catches to the outside of my pocket when clipped inside. Doesn't compare well to my other small EDC's

Gerber EZ-Out - just outgrew it. Decided combo-edge isn't so great, and the unknown steel appears really fragile. I don't trust it much.

Gerber Utility I - defintely the hardest to part with. In fact, I might just put it back in. :). I mucked up the blade finish with my Chefs Choice 120, and the dual thumbstuds prevent it from seating all the way to the clip in my pocket, but it's generally a VERY nice knife. G-10, AUS-8A is OK.

The wife thought I was going nuts when I pulled out the knives I never really liked and just gave them away or sold them for a token amount. In the last year:
- CRKT point guard to a good buddy for xmas. Didn't like the partial serrations.
- BM856 to a retiring co-worker. Redid the lousy edge but never really carried it.
- BM850 to BF member Santi. Never really liked it.

A nice feeling to give away good using knives to friends who don't have one.

Andrew L