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Current 110 Custom Frames in Brass, Titanium or Copper Price List


Specializing in The Buck 110
Aug 31, 2010
Hi friends!

Here's a rough idea of pricing here at JAG

I cannot list all the options, as we are well equipped to handle almost any upgrade you desire, which will be dealt with on a case to case basis.

Textured Brass $295
Textured Copper $310
Bolt together .450~ " Over All Width titanium $300
Same at .525~" OA width $400
Slotted frames ( standard 110 style ) in titanium starting at $500 plus scales


Sheath: nylon or leather $free
Bolt together brass or copper $30
Countersink $40
S30v $50
CPM 154 $65
Drop Point $25 ( rather prominent high low rocker exists on all of these )

Pocket clip
Acid patina
What do you want!?
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