Custom Blackjack - .45 XL Varient - Lead Free!

Mitchell Knives

May 21, 2000
This is an XL version of my .45 ACP blackjack that is completely lead free. It's incredibly well made and brutally effective! It's larger than my usual blackjack offerings, but still carries well. I personally like in waistband carry near the small of my back.

This particular model has an overall length of 12.5" and weighs 10.375 ounces. The head is a simple "checkerboard" pattern, and the body is an 8 plait. There are two turk's head knots and a fired .45 ACP casing as the end cap. This blackjack is constructed using 550 parachute cord and the lanyard is completely removable if desired. The wrappings are crisp and extremely tight. I prefer 550 parachute cord over leather due to its increased durability and strength.

The core is constructed from steel cable, which I greatly prefer to a coil spring. It has enough flex to have a dead blow effect, and isn't floppy like some examples I have seen. These spring back unlike most cable jacks. The amount of flex is perfect for the size and this model hits incredibly hard! The head is made from solid steel and there is no lead in this blackjack. The handle offers a variety of grip positions so the amount of force used can be better controlled.

The entire blackjack has been treated with epoxy to ensure that it never unravels. This also increases the durability of the unit and is the same process I use on my Japanese influenced knives.

This is a nice example of a modern blackjack that hits hard!

Sold! Thanks Guys! :)

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