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Custom Crawford Neckers...

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Oct 2, 1999

I have the following 2 knives:

Kasper Cutter #7
Legionnaire #49 ***TRADED***

Both knives are new/unused, are DLC coated 154 CM and have kydex sheaths. Both are setup for neck carry. The Kasper Cutter also has snaps on both sides of the sheath where a kydex J-hook attaches for ambidextrous IWB carry.

I am interested in trading for a couple production folders or a custom folder, (looking for a new work knife). A few examples to give you an idea of what I am looking for, (not limiting my wanted list to just these). Let me know if you have similar pieces.

Microtech: SOCOM Elite, Framelock Mini SOCOM Elite, plain or partially serrated


Buck/Strider/Tarani G-10

Spyderco: Military, Para-Military, any edge configuration

Please e-mail me with offers.

Thank you,
Kasper Cutter is still available. I am open to all Folder trade offers.

Thank you,
Kasper Cutter is still available.

I would trade either for a Swamp Rat "Rat Trap".

Thank you,
Hi Tatsu:

I have a Bob Lum Seki Cut Lil' Encounter NIB if you are interested.

I have owned both the full-size Socom MA and the Mini (not elite)

I can tell you the D2 and the grind on the plain edge Seki cut and penetrates even better than the Micros ( i know, hard to believe).

I'm converting most my collection to FB, so I'd be interested in the Legionnarie. I also have a NIB Mickey Yurco 'Jap Wrap' 5.75" Overall 440C
Paul Bos upswept (slightly) if you are interested.

Thank you,