Custom Fish Filet Knives

Apr 15, 1999
Does anybody know where to find high-end
fish filet knives/kits? Hardware store variety seems to be all that's available.

Ed Schott makes them, ...he is a member here and posts a lot in the Shop forum
Ron Post makes fillet knives with blade length from 51/4" to 8 1/4". Steel is 44C 3/32" thick. Blades have a variety of flexes.

You can contact Ron at 705-386-7771.

Tom L
Bill Bryant of KC made one for me just recently. He uses, what he refers to as modified 440A, which is reputed to have improved edge retention. The knife is beautiful, with a brass finger guard and micarta scales. The flex,workmanship and sheath are excellent, and it arrived, really, really sharp.

He can be reached at 816-454-4547 or


Doc Gundersen @ L&H Knives (just him!).

I use a fillet knife by him everyday.