Custom Garm G1 Sheath???


Mar 29, 1999
I just received my new Fallkniven Garm Fighter. It is an excellent knife. I like it allot. The only downfall is the sheath it comes with, a kydex neck sheath. I have never been into neck sheaths. So I was wondering if any of the custom sheath makers out there have any ideas for a sheath for the Garm that can be used on the belt and the ankle. I would be very interested. Kydex or leather, whatever you think best.


Well, let's see. Let me flip through my giant Rolodex o' Sheathmakers here....hmmm...looking for good fit, nice, not him...decent pricing...let's see. No, I'll pass on that guy, too....ummm....where is turnaround time....I know it's around here somewhere....oh! Here it is! Normark! See the above link. Great sheaths, fast turnaround, cheap. Only thing that counts against him is he can't take a joke, so watch your step...he has a lot of knives! ;)
PS- Eric, when you get a chance read that Leatherman thread for an explanation of past events.
Nan, Chiro 75 is being unnecessarily modest! If he has time to take it on, he is a wizard in kydex and concealex. He has a lot on his plate right now, but it's worth asking.Mike Sastre (River City Sheaths)is probably the best known, and he deserves all the kudos.Great guy and great work! Folks I trust say Normark is hard to beat, and I plan to find out one day. As you can see, we are blessed with several friends here on BF who do remarkable sheath work in kydex and concealex. Use one of them and enjoy the results!:D
Pretty much the only sheath work I am doing is for my own knives or when I trade for other knives/stuff. I don't have the time to be doing too much custom work these days, although it is fun. AlaChoctaw, if you have a Bushman, get in tough with Normark and get his Bushman sheath. It's awesome! He sent me one and I love it. Really turned the knife from an oddity in my collection to something I can actually carry and use!:)
Hey Guys..

Thanks much...:)

Yes I produce a true multicarry sheath for the Garm...

The sheath will do IWB,Outside, Cant,Horizontal,Inverted, Neck...

Heck,,whatever you want it to do it will do well.

Drop me a note Anytime and I'll explain in further detail..