custom handle maker...

May 12, 2001
i think someone could make a living out of offering replacement grips for popular knives (BM AFCK, CRKT KFF, Companion, SIFU, and others) like hogue, etc markets for firearms - ya know grips ready to go, get them and replace your old ones w/no sanding, etc - if ya know how to work CF, G10, some fancy woods, etc sems like it wouldnt be that hard - what do you guys and gals think of this?? i think someone is missing the boat on this one...

That is a great idea! Someone could start with the more common models and expand from there. Let me know when you have some Cocobolo handle scales for a REKAT Carnivore. Thanks!:D
Couldn't agree more. I have been trying to find someone to change the handles on one of my sifu's for months. Knowbody is willing to take on the task because the lock is to different from the standard liner lock or the handle is too big. I would think that I am not alone in that there are persons out there who have fine production EDC knives but want something a little different than Black G-10.
recupreos work is very nice, but what i had in mind was replacement grips in the $20 to $60 or so range, depending on G10, CF, wood, etc - most of recupreos work is a little more high $$ than that - i think it would be cool to spend, say $30 for some replacement grips for my CRKT Kasper - i dont wanna spend $200 on a $30 knife .....