Custom Knife featured in SOF Magazine

Apr 25, 1999
I'm hoping that someone may be able to help. Sometime in the mid 1980's (I think), Soldier of Fortune Magazine published an article that featured an extremely heavy duty custom knife (military/combat type with a fixed blade). Thats about all I can remember. Does anyone have any knowledge of this blade? Who was the maker? Is he still around? Where can I contact him?
I am not sure exactly which knife you are talking about. SOF had some very good knife reviews. I wish they would start doing that again on a regular basis.

Any how, about 11 years ago SOF reviewed Walter Brends #2. It was a good review of a great knife. I still have a copy and will run it off for you if you like.

That same issue also had a good article of the South African RECCE'S.