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Dec 16, 2002
looking to have a knife made. This knife is about as all purpose as it gets, it's for hunting (skinning), fishing, throwing, carving, slicing, chopping and SD. I've got the design down, it will be replicated from a knife I already own, but made out of better steel. So what I'm wanting to know, is what steels you would all suggest. It will likely be used around salt water, since I'll be taking it kayaking. and it's about 6" long and a farely complicated design (I don't have a picture or I'd post it) and I'd like it to be under 250$ so.. all that in mind.. suggest away please.
IMHO, I'd opt for CPM S30V, S60V, or Talonite for their corrosion resistance properties, however, talonite my not make your $250 cap.

Here is a link to CPM's data sheet for their fine S30V. They advise that it is as good if not better in the corrosion resistance area than 440C.

As far as chopping is concerned, I think the S30V would fare rather well in 3/16" - 1/4" stock. I don't know much about throwing knives, and how S30V would hold up to that kind of impact. I'm sure some more learned members than I could advise you on that.

Good luck on your custom project knife, sounds cool!

Happy New Year!

I would think that if you want a throwing knife you need a steel that would bend rather than chip. Aslo, why throw a custom knife that you also want to use for other things? Just buy a throwing knife to throw, and save the custom for cutting.
Simple, the shape of the knife makes it good for throwing, and I enjoy throwing it. throwing is more of a secondary use for this knife.
My advice would be to find a maker that is willing to give making this knife a shot and asking him/her what steel they would recommend.

If you want a knife for throwing in should be tough, so it should not be too hard. For salt water you want a low carbon, high chromium steel. 420J2 would be a great steel for both these purposes. It is not a high quality steel, and will not work well for the other things you plan on doing with this knife. I would think that 440C with a hardness of 56-57RC would be good overall choice, but as I posted, it would be best to ask this advice of the maker that you choose to make the knife for you.
I understand, I guess I should have been I bit more clear. I think that making a knife that is a good thrower, and good corrosion resistence, and good cutter will result in a lot of compromises. If throwing is truly a secondary thought, then why not give preference to the other qualities, and then think about the throwability of the knife steel? As stated start talking to makers, as to whihch steel would be most suitable.
Did you Say a Custom ?? I May be Able to Make One !! My Only Concern is the "Thrower" aspect Most Good Cutting Knives Don't Last Very Long as A "Thrower" Contact Me I Would Like to See This Picture as well as Size / Thickness / Ect Maybe and that is a Firm Maybe !!

Matt / Pinoyknife
Matt, there once was a maker named Lynn Griffith who took every opportunity to sell his wares to folks in these forums. He is not here anymore. There are other examples as well, and you are really starting to push the boundaries.

Give the sales pitches a rest. Please.You can always email people offers.

I mean no offense and wish you well with your business, but you are not supposed to use the forums as a place to advertise your knives, or knife making. It is distracting and annoying, as well as unfair to the owner of this site. Bladeforums is for non-commercial knife discussion. Please try to be a little more discrete.

Greeting's All Just Wanted to Clear Something Up Here !! I Am Not Pushing the Sales Pitch Here I Was Replying to Someone Who Said He Was Looking to Have a "Custom Made " If I Read The Post Wrong Please Correct Me !! I Just Offer What I Can to Help a Fellow "Knife Nut " including Sending them to the Competition if that is Where the Better Knife is !!
At the risk of overmoderating :rolleyes: This needs to be taken to email.

The question was what steel for the knife. The thread postings should address that.

If something else needs to be adressed it can be taken up with me, Blues, Morkaleb or Spark.
I already have a maker in mind, I was hoping to have it made by the same ppl who made some of my friends custom jobs, and he does a pretty damn good job.. so no more offers to make my knife lol. just information for steel. Does anyone know where I could find a website with and exhaustive list of steels?