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Custom kydex sheath for Moran

Dec 26, 1998
A few weeks back I replied to a post by CHIRO75 regarding custom sheaths. He was just starting to make these for customers.
My Moran by Spyderco is a great little knife, but the leather sheath (very interesting design)was not working out well. I e-mailed Steve with a not well thought out vague idea of what I wanted.
He wanted to give it a try.
Received it yesterday.
I am pleasantly surprised. The fit at the handle is perfect. The blade does not bind therefore no scratching at least yet!! The contour cut out for fingers is well thought out. This makes gripping the handle to unsheath easy, just flick the kydex edge with your thumb. Resheathing is easy and the top locks securely on the Moran's rubber (I guess) knife handle.
Carry options include neck carry, using the two empty holes in the bottom for cord. For on the belt style, you can choose horizontal blade up or down, weak or strong side. My origional choice was verticle on the belt. This rides high with no blade below the belt. Just change the screws and the belt loop.
Functionally, it can be both attached and removed with out taking off the belt.
The finish work around the edge is smooth and flowing.
In short, very nice, functional and professional in appearance and form.
Suggestions would include sending paracord or chain for neck carry and maybe a sheet of information regarding kydex care, cleaning, DEET resistance
and other products offered.
There is not much to this sheath, just kydex and a few screws. There is not much to a custom knife but steel and a handle material. It is up to the craftsman to make it special.
Steve is on his way to this end if this work is an example.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?