Custom LARGE Patrolman from Lynn Griffith.

Jul 2, 1999

Hello forumites and fellow
griffith knife lovers.

I recently placed an order
with Lynn for a "scaled up"
Well, my patrolman arrived
yesterday. After playing
with it all day I now know
what all the rave is about
with this Lynn Griffith
This knife is
GORGEOUS!! At first I
thought the handle was too
thin,after playing with it
MAN was I wrong! This knife
is so comfortible, it just
becomes a part of your hand.
And grip switching,
sometimes I think it is
doing it by itself. This
knife FLOWS. I was also VERY
IMPRESSED with the comfort
of the sheath for IWB carry.
Without exagerating at all,
I can't even feel that it is
there. This was money well
spent. Like I stated
previously, this knife will
not see any utility use(I
carry 3 folders for that
It will be strictly for
defensive purposes, so there
will unfortunately be no
performance review. I can
make a prediction though,
Woe to the BG that jumps out
on this knife. Penetration
with this knife would be
unbeatable. I would once
again like to thank Lynn for
being a great knife maker
and a great friend.

It is not the great steel
that makes this knife, it is the great man.

Maybe Lynn can post the pic and give a little info on it's stats.


Louis Buccellato
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I really appreciate the great review. Below is a picture of the "Custom Patrolman" and below it the regular size Patrolman. I have just done a cut and paste on the text also from when I originally posted this on My Forum. Thanks again for the great review.

Picture loading......................................


The bottom knife is the Patolman as standard. The knife above the Patolman is a custom order from "themartialway". The Patrolman is about 7.25" overall. The custom Patrolman is 9.25" overall. I will not post a price for the custom Patrolman as it is not a standard offering.

Lynn Griffith-Knifemaker

BG-42 is now an option
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There is a picture of this knife on Lynn Griffiths forum. It shows Louis's modified Patrolman next to a standard size model. Both are really cool looking knives. The picture is good to show their relative sizes to each other. Congrats on getting such a fine knie Louis. Good job on making another winner Lynn.

Here is a link to the thread with the picture, its big, so it may take a minute to load.

LOL Lynn, guess we were posting at the same time


Man your FAST!

Did you have to change your clothes in a phone booth before coming here

Thanks again. This knife is definitely going to serve me well.


Louis Buccellato
Knives, Weapons and equipment. Best prices anywhere.

"only the paranoid will survive":)

A truly gorgeous knife! Just looking at it makes me want the custom Tracker I have on order from Lynn right away! Now it's gonna be even harder to wait.

Beautiful work, Lynn.

You have yourself one heck of a knife there!

This rekindled the idea of the larger version of the Marksman we've talked about!
My NO knives in 2K resolution is killing me and I still haven't bought anything for my shop as I had intended!!

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