Custom M2K

Jan 21, 2010
I recently bought a Mora M2K. While the handle was OK, I wanted something more durable. Redhawk44p sugested that I buy just the blank and build what I wanted. The attached photo shows what I ended up with.
The handle is black canvas micarta with stainless pins. I had to use a diamond drill and lots of oil to drill the tang 'cause this knife is tough!! The rounded part on the back of the tang was ground flat. This insures that when the knife is batoned, it won't try to drive further into the handle. This knife was batoned through a piece of 2 x 4 oak with no damage to the knife or handle.
I own a Bark River Bravo 2 as my primary survival knife and liked the feel of the handle. This handle on this Mora is made of the same black canvas micarta. ... This knife is to be carried on the right hand backpack strap, inverted, for quick retrieval by my left hand. I think this is a great knife and now i like it even more.
The next two will have G-10 camo and black handles.
I'll try to remember to take pics of the next one from start to finish.
Any suggestions or comments would be welcomed.

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I was able to examine this knife today. It is indeed excellent work. This is a first class M2K.:thumbup:
first class nice to see that great style blade fitted with a carry friendly handle:thumbup: