Custom mods for multi-tools

Aug 24, 1999
Do any of you knife makers do custom mods on multi-tools? I'm thinking of things like unscrewing a PST II and replacing the factory blade with a D2 (or INFI
) drop point, making the file detachable, replacing a screwdriver with an awl or chisel . . . things like that.

Everybody else: Would there be a market for custom multi-tool upgrades?

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There is an article on about someone that replaced the partially serrated blade on his PST II with a plain blade from a Case pocketknife. He also made the file removable.


I don't think they normally do this sort of thing, but Leatherman did do a special PST for me with the punch replaced with a T20 Torx driver. This enabled me to win a bet that I couldn't take apart a product being made at the company I worked for with only my Leatherman. You can imagine the look on our mechanical engineer's face when I whipped out my PST with a balisong style opening (which can be seen on my website) and produced a T20 driver.

Balisongs -- because it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!
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Before they offered the current attachments a fellow from San Diego used to make his own kits and sell them when he toured with bands. Same set up now offered by the companies, adapter and selection of bits. One of these kits helped a Hand win a similar bet at the Old Globe, but it was called a draw because it wasn’t SOE. I thought he should have won.

San Francisco, CA