Custom Order

Aug 13, 1999
Just ordered my first knife from Pete's Custom Shop. I saw the pictures of Buzzbaits 110 with the stag handles and the BG-42 blade and I could not resist.
Was just wondering how many owners of these knives actually use them as opposed to collecting or displaying? I intend to use mine as I am an avid deer hunter (archery only) and small game hunter.
I own a Pete's custom, stag, BG-42, finger groove, and it's in my EDC rotation along with a Boker 4000 in stag and a Buck 532. To me, it seems a total waste to buy a knife and just look at it. As pretty as some of these are, they're even better with some "character" marks. I also regularly use my Ruanas, Blackjacks, Marble's, etc. for heavy duty cutting on camping trips in the mountains, and my fancy Case bone handled pocket knives get stuffed in my jeans pockets along with keys and change. Some knives are truly "too pretty to use", like art knives and such, but I wouldn't own one.

I also have a stag handled BG-42 110 from Pete's shoppe and I use it for dressing out rabbits. It holds a great edge and the 110 is just perfect for cutting the saddle into two pieces. It has enough heft that I can force the blade right through the backbone and do no damage to the knife. While I am on the subject, I have always preferred a drop blade shape, but I must admit that there are times when dressing out a rabbit that the clip point comes in very handy.
If you don't feel like using it, please send it to me. I will in turn
send you a beautiful 8x10 glossy suitable for framing of said knife.:)
I've seen a lot of knives that look like nice collector's items, but aren't really functional enough to be users. The Buck 110 is definitely not one of these 'hide on the shelf' knives. The 110 begs to be used. The BG-42 PCKS 110 begs to be used HARD!!!!

Skin a few deer. Cut a little rope. Fillet a few fish. Then hand it down to future generations. That's what Buck is all about. ;)
Still waiting for my custom Buck. It has only been 18 days but I can hardly contain myself! I hope that the 3 to 4 week lead time isn't too far off.
I'm a software engineer for a consulting firm. I always have one of several PCKS knives on my belt. Fortunately, we're all a bit weird, and I don't get too many strange looks. My knives get used, but obviously not too heavily in this environment. Boxes, tape, food, rope, etc.

Today it's the Finger Grooved Water Buffalo, with NS bolsters, and a damascus blade. That's good for starting a conversation!