custom shop comes thru

Jun 11, 1999
Just received my first custom shop job. The knife is great, but I did not receive the nylon sheath. I thought I had changed the sheath from the default black leather. Oh well. I will have to make sure to change it next time. Please tell me they do have the nylon sheaths, available, and that it was just my mistake. Anyway, the knife is a beauty ( checkered cherrywood handles and Gold-colored buckote blade. Real nice finishing job on the handles. I also like how they seem to have wiped off ( cleaned ) the knife and oiled it before shipping...kudos to Pete's. Still need one in buffalo horn and one in stag. rdogout
Just got my flawless damascus 110 with sambar (I thought they didn't have any more of this stuff) scales, german silver bolsters and tan sheath. All under that is a deal and the knife is solidly constructed, well packed and oiled like the man said.

Kudos to Pete et. Co.:D
I am glad to see that their are still others that like traditional style folders! Your posts prompted me to finally order a knife also. I am really excited...I ordered a BG-42 blade, Buffalo horn with silver bolsters and finger grooves.
Post pictures, guys! There's a Pete's Pics thread waiting for you!