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Custom Timascus and Meteorite Buck 110


Specializing in The Buck 110
Aug 31, 2010
Here's a 110 I whipped up.

The meteorite scales were very very carefully hand shaped and fit after the CNC trued up the surface.
They're then removed and acid etch to show the grain structure.
4.56 billion years old this stuff!
The Timascus frame is rough shaped and slotted by my CNC in house!
After polishing Timascus, looks mostly like normal titanium until you heat it red hot and it oxidizes.
The same thing happens to the titanium screws with heat.

Though the meteorite has the density of steel, the Timascus balances this knife out to weigh very nearly the same as a factory standard issue at 7.5 oz
TiAlN coated blade has the same high hardness coating as the carbide four flute end mills I used to shape and slot the frame.