Custome leather knife pouches by Dan Metsker


Oct 4, 1998
A couple of weeks ago I posted a request on the forums to find out if anyone knew of someone who could make a couple of leather pouches for SAK Classics that were going to be given to some employees where I consult as gifts. Dan Metsker responsed by saying that he could make the pouches, and that he would do it for free. I felt fortunate to have such a generous offer, and I immediately started a conversation with Dan.

A couple of emails were traded back and forth, and then one of the knives was off to Dan for the fitting. Dan turned the two pouches around in something like a day and a half and before I knew it they were sitting in my mailbox!

Dan did exceptional work on the two pouches. They fit the knives prefectly, and will be cherished keepsakes carried daily by the two recipients. In fact, one of the folk's eyes started to well up when I presented him with the pouch and knife.

I cannot thank Dan enough for both his generous offer and his outstanding work! I can only say "Thanks" and try to follow his lead in behaving so honorably in these forums. It's people like Dan that keep me coming back to the forums.

Thank you.


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Thanks for your kind words, AJ. (I guess I missed this posting the first time around)

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just mailed my Terzuola to Dan today. Cant wait. Hope you dont like that knife toooo much, Dan


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This sounds great! I've been looking for a few custom-made pouches for various pocketknives - I hate when a shiny new knife gets all scratched up in my pocket - not with users, mind you, but I like to keep my dress/gentleman blades shiny and new. How can I contact Dan? (I'd certainly willing to kick in a few bucks for the pouch.)
Dan is our very own Tangus, and his email contact is one of the buttons located with his reply to this very thread.


These guys were very kind in their posting. Have you contacted Gary Graley in reference to your pouch needs? I understand his products are top drawer and everyone raves about them. I won't be able to work on any until this coming fall due to other committments.--Dan

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