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Customer Feedback

Sep 26, 2004
Got some detailed feedback on a knife I sold about six weeks ago. Second from top.


Deer season ended here last Saturday and a customer called Wednesday and asked me to stop by. Didn't really know what to expect when I walked in his place of business, this being one from my first batch of forged knives, but seeing the grin on his face made me relax a bit.
He told me the knife was used to dress and joint a total of 9 deer without any additional sharpening. On deer 5, it was used to cut through the breast bone because they couldn't get the lungs to release from the membrane.
He asked me if I would show him how to sharpen it. I used my DMT pocket stone and about 8 strokes per side brought the edge back. Two of his hunting buddies were watching and each ordered a knife and wanted to know where to get the DMT.

To me , this kind of "testing" info is the best there is. Shop testing the blade is important to know basically where you stand,but the info from actual intended use testing proves/disproves the design and function of the knife as a whole.
Until now the feedback from customers has been limited to- cuts good- I really like it - enjoyed using it-etc. If the feedback had been negative, I would have tried to address the problem.
The biggest problem now, I have to buy larger hats. :D And keep improving!
Thanks fellows.
Phillip, I use 1095 for almost all of my knives.
Stuart, we are almost neighbors. We need to get together and swap lies,uh info. :D
ahh hell Stuart...I was just in that big outdoor store you guys have this week :) Got some .30-30 shells :)