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Oct 2, 1998
Is it just me or have other Forumites noticed that Customer Service has gone down the tubes? Spyderco and EDI used to have superb Customer Service, now it takes three weeks to get an answer, and I have noticed some pretty sloppy work reaching the ELUs. Example; EDI Genesis 1 and a MOD with locks that will not hold, Spyderco Starmate with glue oozing from under the grip medallion... What is going on?

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Customer service is a big, big deal for me and I have written a lot about it. I agree that there are a lot of people out there that need to work harder on this. Forget about sending EDI email - give them a call. They rarely answer emails but they are good over the phone. I'm not too thrilled overall with MOD - I have two of their knives and both are just average.

It is a lot of work and it requires a lot of time to maintain a high level of customer service, including responsiveness and quick turnaround. But, I feel that customers deserve this!
You are not the only one. I agree totally. I would say more but it is not something that should be posted.


Tom Carey
I gotta agree with you guys. I have seen a certain company's CS go downhill recently myself.

Like Tom, I'll refrain from naming the guilty parties... for now. However, I'm going into the sixth week of "we'll get back to you on (fill in the blank)" promises that never happen. I was first told it's not repairable & asked to pick a replacement which I did. Now, it seems to be in limbo from week to week.



I sent a folder off to a popular manufacturer the first of this month.
Have not seen it, and they apparently do not respond to email.
I know the knife made the journey as I tracked it to their door, but that's about all I can say for the situation.
Customer service is vital to marketing. It's too bad some manufacturers cannot understand that.
This happened a few years back, during the famous UPS strike. I sent a Police model back to Spyderco. It had a fairly loose pivot. I called to see how much repair would be as it was my fault, I thought. The CS rep (I wish I remembered his name) told me that what I did should not have caused a problem, and to please send the knife ASAP. Well, they fixed it (I wanted this one fixed, not replaced, as it was engraved with my initials, a gift from my wife). They shipped it out USPS. The mail lost it. Spyderco said, "we are sorry your knife was lost, we will replace it". A few days later the replacement showed up. About a month later, my original showed up as well. I called Spyderco to tell them my knife was found and that I would pay for the new one they sent, or return it. Spydercos response to that was, "Richard, you went through enough trouble with the original being lost in the first place, please keep the new one with our compliments." Spyderco was not even at fault, yet they were most concerned with making sure I was satisfied. Just wanted to throw that in. Its easy to complain about bad service, but all to rare to relate great service. I have been, and always will be a big Spydee fan.

I have had pretty good luck with customer service. With EDI, I just called and they said send the knife in, I did, and within a couple of days They sent me a new knife. I had spoken with Carole, who is the CS rep, and also the wife of the Chairman of the company. Very nice and no problems. Also calling is the way to go, the last I heard from EDI they were still working out e-mail problems. Another good story was CRKT. I had a carson M-16 03 that the lock had failed on, and I called and spoke with CS. They told me to send it in. the only problem was that they couldn't find it, I had UPS confirm a delivery and a signature, and they sent me a new one out. I personally havn't had any CS problems.

I just hope that the companies are hearing some of these complaints out here. It isn't that big of a business and you may be at the top but you could go down pretty fast if the customers get unhappy. You have to think long term.
Copfish, I think you are right on target,in general.I have recently had problems getting response from two previously reliable companies,one on a purely Customer Service problem and one trying to check on a price preparatory to buying a knife from them! If one more try doesn't do the trick, I'll elaborate in the proper forum.

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I had to return my Kershaw liner lock
due to a loose pivot. I live in the
Portland area and Kershaw had a new knife
at my door in less than a week.
Excellent customer service.
Best way to get a response it let these companies know you`ll be voting with your pocketbook when it comes to sloppy CS.

Well, since this is a GOOD story, I'll give the company's name...

I had a Benchmade 330 "Gent's Folder." Sweet little knife but I damaged it by dismanteling large sheets of thick cardboard. Should've used a bigger knife as I was putting almost my full weight on the poor little knife. It developed so much play that tightening the pivot wouldn't even help.

Les himself asked me to send it to him. He looked it over and sent me a brand spanking new one. Total turn around was less than two weeks!

I'm satisfied.


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