Cut myself with one of my knives for the first time in over a year

Nov 24, 1999
It was on purpose this time though.( that doesn't sound right does it
I pinched my thumb really bad adjusting the tines on a herra ( not sure how thats spelled, its a peice of equipment I use to work up the ground in my riding arena) Any how somehow it didn't break the skin and was bleeding like crazy underneath. Didn't realize that though (to busy standing outside in the dark yelling expletives for all the neighbors to hear) until it had swelled out to a huge purple welt that stuck out from my thumb about a quarter of an inch. So I decided to play doctor and cut it open so it could bleed and let the pressure off. Used a 750s as my scalpel. I think I'd want something a little bigger if I was going to be performing surgery all the time but it worked for a one time deal

My mom found out after the fact and said she was going to puke. I had to laugh at that cause she didn't even see the blood spray everywhere when I cut it. Now she thinks my thumb is going to fall off.
So this made me decide that its not always a bad thing to cut yourself. I think we should all go a step further at being prepared for anything and carry a knife thats only for operating on ourselves.
Ok not really, but I'm bored and it would an excuse to buy more knives right

It'll feel better when it stops hurting.
I thought i was the only person here who cuts himself on purpose.

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Matt what hurt the worst the pinch or the cut. I know when you cut your self by mistake it dosen't hurt untill hours latter, but those pinches hurt right away. Anyway hope it healsa up for you fast and propper.
I have done similar kinds of things with my knives too. Digging out splinters always freaks my wife out.
Yikes! I sympathize. Several weeks ago, I had the pins taken out of my wrist from a break. One of the pins had 'slid' below the skin, and Shakey Jake McSween, my resident surgeon and Midas Muffler Man, had to cut me to find the head of the pin for extraction. Cuts are one thing, but watching yourself being sliced to the bone (even under the aenesthetic) is a real head trip. And the scar is ugly...--OKG
Actually the cutting part didn't hurt at all. It felt good to let the pressure off. My hands are pretty heavily callused so I don't think I even had to cut through that much live skin.
Yep, splinters are another case where I get the knife out. It too makes people cringe although most of them would either dig around witha needle or rip away with tweezers in the same circumstance.
Anesthetic is neat stuff
My last cut ( the one last year) was bad enough that I had to go to the emergency room for 2 stitches in my middle finger. It was an odd cut, deep, but across my finger instead of down into the bone. And it wouldn't quit bleeding.Anyway before the anesthetic I would have pretty much killed anyone who came near my hand because it hurt so bad.But after a little novacane I could sit and watch the doctor stretch it wide open and poke around then sew it up like it wasn't even my hand. Of course after it wore off I didn't find the all the new holes he'd poked in my finger to be too enjoyable.

It'll feel better when it stops hurting.
Once, I was closing up my knife after cutting a block of chocolate to share with someone else. I forgot to move my finger out of the way of the knife and I shut it on my finger. Only I was looking somewhere else, and I didn't see it or feel it. I just realized that my index finger hadn't finished closing the knife, so I pushed it in further (still not looking). Anyways, I put the knife away (still not noticing something). Finally, someone pointed out that my thumb was bleeding and I started to feel the blood trickling down my forearm and saw it oozing all over someone's homework (needless to say, they did not turn it in, as the paper was soaked with my blood).

Almost all the skin off the tip of my thumb was gone. Not muscle exposing though. It was small, but a lot of skin was gone, and it bled a lot. Nobody around me knew what to do, so I wandered around the hall and they all followed me to see what would happen. I walked around, bleeding on the floor looking for someone who did. I walked into the German class and let my thumb bleed for a while and asked sarcastically, "anyone have a band-aid?" and grinned like a madman (I didn't know it, but they said I looked pretty happy). Fortunately, one of the girls (one of my friends) in the class knew how to deal with cuts and they got it dealt with. But they had to give me a huge bandage over my thumb and put a lot of weird stuff on my thumb.

The worst part was that I couldn't unlock liner lock knives normally or open one-handers for about 2 months or more (the pain). I couldn't open Spyderco holes up until a couple months ago. Studs for some reason didn't hurt nearly as much!

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that sucks,comrade.
just tonight i was cutting a bag of sugar open with my whirlwind,slip,slice,ouch!
cut at a diagnol about half an inch into my middle finger,through the nail,and right up to the bone(thank god it didnt hit).didnt hurt at the time,but im starting to feel it now.ouch.
I had the(and still do, it happened 11-2-00)thumb thing too, only i dislocated the middle joint of my right thumb. Made closing my M16-14 very painful(ended up selling it to a very cool LEO that i work with.... not fo that reason). Last weds. I got my CS triple action and it provided the physical therapy
I needed.

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I have made it a habit to cut myself with each new knife I get. I started to use this neat leaning device when I was about 14 and had to teach my finger that running lawnmover blades are no place for young finger to go playing
Now I just make a small cut on a finger here or there. Its my way of reminding my hand that yes indeed, each and every knife I buy is sharp and therefore needs to be respected
. My finger have all learned that knife edges are sharp and that they shouldn't forget this. Although, for some reason it took my fingers longer to learn on my Randall #19, I had to cut several fingers in row. That taught 'em.

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