Cut the cord!!!!

Feb 5, 1999
Tonight, 24 SEP 99 @ approx. 1700 West coast time, the doctors at Madigan Army Medical Center will be inducing my wife so that my 2nd baby girl can be born into this "wonderful" world.

Question: Should I use the Sebenza or the Military to cut the cord....??

In all seriousness, what would be the perfect "first" knife to get my newborn daughter?

Got my first daughter a SAK "soldier" and the Mel Pardue "Gentleman's folder"(actually she sort of "claimed" that one) Now she is only 3 years old, but already a knifenut in training.

Any suggestions??

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Congratulations! As you know, babys tend to swallow small things. So how about a SIFU?

Sebenza, except that she might one day want it full time.



Absolutely wonderful!! I started out with two daughters (in 1963 and 1964). I recently visited them both, and they are truly fine women. Despite their parenting

I suggest the Umfaan might be the right choice for your daughter, being about the same size as the Mel Pardue Gents' which your eldest daughter favors. You can always later upgrade them both to a small Sebenza as their hands grow big enough to handle it.

You have taken care of their firearms needs, correct? And are going to enroll them in the NRA?

Happy fatherhood to you. Walt
Here's a thought...
Why not wait until the baby get's old enough to appreciate your gesture?
As you know, new innovations in the knife world are coming at us almost every week, if you buy some thing for the baby now for use down the line, something out of this world could and probably will show up between now and then prompting you to think, maybe I should have waited.
Just a thought.
Btw My grandson is 16 months old now, I can't wait till he's old enough so I can give him his first knife, his dad isn't really interested in knives, but I'll bet I can turn his boy into a knife nut!

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I tend to agree with misque. Get her a nice knife for now and then when they BOTH get old enough get them the "bestest, newest, greatest knife ever made" or whatever knife is that they want. Within reason of course.

Steels, designs, handle materials, etc. all change over time. When they get old enough for their own knife who knows what will be cutting edge.

Congrats on the new baby. Prayers for you and yours.


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Gentlemen, I have to disagree. A wood inlay Sebenza with the year 1999 already on it will still be one of the finest knives around in twenty years, a collectors piece with a special connection for the lucky lady.

All my best!

San Francisco, CA

Congrats! How about a Pink SPyderco Delica engraved with her DOB and Name? That is what I got for my daughter.
Copfish, that is way cool! I gotta get my baby one when he/she is born in Dec. Let me see....a Pink Delica if it's a girl. A BF Native if it's a boy! Awesome!

Answering the original post.

If you don't buy her a production knife and have it engraved like Copfish did, then find a knifemaker you like and have them make something special for her. The knifemaker may not be around when she is old enough to enjoy the knife which may add sentimental value to it and it would always be HER knife.

Contrary to plans the doctor sent my wife home(busy night) and instructed her to come back on Tuesday to get it done. This time for sure(yeah right)
Well, we went home and the very next morning at 0500 her water broke and 5 hours later out came a 5 pound, 8 ounce baby girl....
They were sent home on Sunday and Mom and baby are doing great.

Still no knife purchase yet, but that is secondary at this point.

Thanks for the support and talk to you in a week, after I get off paternity leave.


"Worst of all my foes, I fear the enemy within"
*John Wesley*

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!