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Cutting Contest Jitters!

Apr 21, 2001
I am going to do my first cutting contest in a few months and REALLY could use some help.
Just don't have a clue where to start.
Anybody who has "been there done that" offer some advice on what kind of knife to build!
Steel type, Grind, Design, Etc.
I was leaning toward a recurved blade made from 5160 thin hollow grind, full tang.
Help is greatly appreciated.
Bob Hankins
Hey Bob, check out Ray Kirk's winning contest knife on the custom knife forum right here.

The trick is make knife that is good overall cutting, i.e. cut 2x4's without breaking yet still cut paper, rope or whatever the fertile minds of the judge comes up with.

Sola Fide
Make dure you practice your technique too!

I am excited for you! Building a knife for a contest liek that sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing some pics.

"Come What May..."
Man I have entered 2 contests so far and was in the contest against Ray Kirk.They are fun.Just build yourself something that you would normaly build and make sure that it is really sharp as in scarry sharp.Then just go have fun and don't worry about it.Where are you going to be in the contest at by the way ?
Make sure you check out the rules of the contest since allot of them are putting Blade length restrictions on the knife you use and a visible pin through the tang and a thong hole with thong.
Have fun,

Bruce Evans Handcrafted Knives
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bye the way, what's the accepted correct technique for cutting rope? I've done some rope slashing for my own testing, and find the only way i can do it is with a down and across slash with the knife in my right hand, starting high over my left shoulder.(left hand tucked safely out of harms away behind me,) I've seen photos of other folks that seem to show a completely different approach. maybe just my peculiar quirk. After all I am right handed, but shoot a bow left handed very naturally.