Cutting yourself, and having a good lock.

Apr 5, 2000
Well after pulling my freind's car out of a ditch, it came to use my Spyderco Rescue to cut some rope. Before I even started cutting the rope, I cut myself. I found out what happened is that pocket lint collected in the notch of the blade and the lock mechanism failed. So of course the blade comes crashing down into my finger.

Then I got to thinking. How many people cut themselves with their knives and how often?

I usually get one good cut a year. :D
Its funny you would post this question now :) Under normal circumstances I usually cut myself just a time or two each year. However I've recently purchased a SOG Bowie, that for whatever reason has made up her mind she doesn't like me. I've had the knife just over a week, and have cut myself severely twice now. Never have I had a problem like this with a knife, I don't know what this bowie has against me, but I swear to god I didn't abuse or traumatize it :) Infact the second time it cut my I was waxing it with Ren. Wax.

How would one punish a knife for bad behavior? :D
How do you punish a knife for bad behavior? By sending it to Cliff Stamp of course!:D
Thankfully, few of my cuts even resemble serious wounds. I'm very happy with that, because I manage to knick myself once or twice a week. This morning, playing wtth my EDC, I managed to scratch my stomach noticeably. I keep a box of BandAids next to the chair in which I usually sit when playing with knives.

So far, am not as bad as Ed Fowler. He has cut himself seriously enough times he carries a needle, suture material and Bandaids in his wallet. Says he couldn't afford to go to the doctor to get stitched up, so learned to do it himself. Afraid I'd not do well at that. The blood of other people or of animals doesn't bother me at all. But, sometimes, my own blood has a negative response from my body. Can get quite faint if much of my life juice is spilled.

I agree with the person whose Bowie seems to want to cut him. I think all Spydercos seem to want just a taste of their owner's blood. Rarely anything very serious, but just enough to make sure he/she understands clearly that the knife is a serious tool, and deserves careful treatment. (No, I don't normally attach personalities to inanimate objects -- can't remember that word -- anthropormorphism?)
Due to stupidity, I have cut myself so many times that it's amazing that I have any blood left in me...(It's a good thing that blood regenerates itself, and that all my knife-cuts through the years were not all at once!.:D.).

It seems like a knife isn't TRULY mine 'till it has some of my DNA on it.:).
I handle knives many times per day and I very rarely cut myself, but I bought a very nice Kershaw folder. Black handles, brass bolsters, 3 1/2-4" blade, extremely sharp. I cut myself 3 times, and pretty well too, in the first week. I sold it because I felt that we were not made for each other.
Wow, he divorced his knife. Of course I doubt it took much time to get over that relationship and find a new knife to fondle. :D :D
I don't consider my knives one of "my knives" until it bites me. Serious cuts, maybe I'll get one a year (this year involved a Spyderco Progrip and 6 stitches) but I get bit about twice a week. Keeps me on my toes.
I can't remember the last time I cut myself so it's been a while. One of the things I do to prevent getting cut is to keep my knives very sharp which is a lot safer than dull. I handle my knives all the time, but I've stopped doing it while I'm distracted doing something else or when I'm tired. Still I figure I'm due to get bit sooner or later.
Just last week I recieved 4 new CRKT joy joy. Well I had them all lined up infront of me on my desk trying to figure out which one shall be my first EDC in rotation. I'd pick one up, flick it open, hold it, close it, put it down. This went on for about 2 hours or so while I was watching some TV. By this time I stopped looking the knives at all and was just doing it all by touch. Then it happened, I got bitten. It wasn't a bad cut at all, not quite as deep as a well, nor as wide as a church door. But it was enough.

So guess what I have in my pocket right Crawford Kasper :)
I guess it tired of being toyed with. It's got attitude.

I've cut myself more than a few times -- once while saying to myself, "Gee, will this little POS Chinese lockback fail if pressure is applied to the blade?" (It did, and it cut me.)

The worst, though, would have to be the time I stabbed myself in the underside of my forearm, two inches from the wrist and one inch from that nice big vein. The knife was a Gerber Mark 1 clone.

There's that moment of Zen where you think to yourself, "Leave it in, or pull it out?"
I rarely cut myself. I've never had a "serious" cut with any knife. The worst cut I've had from any of MY knives was from my little Spyderco "Q". I tried to cut a pencil in half with it and ended up shaving quite a bit of my thumb off as the pencil broke and the knife sailed on through. Sometimes I have a "YIPES!" moment--that's when your hand somehow decides it's going to spaz-out even though you're not telling it to do so. But when that happens I tend to get the non-bleeders, you can feel them, and see the skin just begin to open up, but they don't quite bleed. My mom recently cut herself very badly, not on a knife, but on the front "deer guard" of a car she was detailing. I told her I needed to know who sharpened it. :)

The worst damage I've ever done to myself was with a bow. I was fairly new to shooting a bow and was testing out a new release aid that had a fairly shallow hook that hooked onto my nocking loop. I drew the bow back without an arrow, turned my wrist just the right way, and the freaking hook slipped off the loop and the string somehow made intimate contact with the inside of my arm, ripping off a 4x1 inch piece of skin and leaving a lot of string fibers in there. I still have a nasty scar down the inside of my left arm in sort of an hour glass shape.
A few small cuts every year.. not too severe. Usually notice them when I find blood on strange places ;-) ... Anybody every noticed that you can cut yourself a few times fast enough whithout noticing? ..but when you see blood or a wound ... hehehe

Worst cut was when I was whittling some wood with my BM pinnacle, Suddenly it when completely trough, and took the skin of my knucle with it. Neat white bone :eek: :rolleyes: missed about 1/10 inch of skin x 2/10 inch. Still have the scar. That hurt really bad.

greetz, bart
So what to do with a cut? If it's the kind that looks like it could use a few stitchs, after you're sure it's clean enough, try holding the edges together while someone spreads a little crazy glue over it. Of course, if it's really dramatic, take it to the ER, you may need some reattaching in there.

How often do I cut myself? Depends on how often I want to play with my balisong.
I rarely cut myself with what is my carry knive. it's the Exacto we keep by the sink in the lab that gets me at least once a week. Wet hands;cement that's cooked in threads at 200°F for a few hours make for lots of knicks.