CZ 97B pistol - anybody here own/handled one?


Jan 31, 2008
It is basically a 75 on steroids. They took the basic CZ75 design and enlarged it slightly to accommodate the larger 45 round and magazine. The controls are the same including the location and method of function of the frame mounted safety. It uses a locked breech, linkless tilting barrel design borrowed from the Browning it resembles.


It is a 45, uses a 10 round magazine, can be carried condition 1 or with hammer down for a DA/SA action. Very good ergonomics.


It is larger than the 75, to carry DA you have to carefully lower the hammer on a live round, grip is rather fat but thinner grips are available, it is not a light handgun.

The 97B shots very well just like it smaller kin but maybe uncomfortably large for some. Holsters may be harder to find for it than for the 75 as the 75 will work in just about an Browning HP or 1911 holster...the 97B may be too tight in them.
Sep 8, 2002
I own one in black. The handles are fairly fat. The pistol points very well and the full length frame rails and slide keep the recoil under control. The fit and finish are very good. The barrel uses a bushing to fit to the slide, unlike the standard CZ-75 which doesn't have a bushing, and lockup is very tight.

The only downside is that full cover holsters are harder to find; slide type holsters which just cover the trigger guard and handle made to fit on the CZ-75 can be stretched a bit to fit the 97B. There's a great forum for cz enthusiasts: where you can probably find tons of good info on the CZ97 and other CZ's.
Oct 29, 2005
I also have one in black. I have large hands so the ergonomics are perfect for me, particularly in how naturally it points.

I agree with all that has been said already but would also emphasize that it is *very* accurate for the money. I also like the quality of manufacture. There are some tool marks inside but the outside its pretty flawless. The only modification I've made was the addition of a full length metal guide rod -- the stock rod is plastic. I am considering sending it off to CZ for a SA conversion + better sights.

I have read complaints that it has issues with HP but I've only ever run mine with ball.

It's definitely one of my favorites to take to the range.