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Nov 14, 1999
Two days I finnally recieved my model 3 Chimera Elite made by Deryk Munroe and sold through Blade Gallery(Daniel O'Malley).The prices run from $350 for a G10 & titanium handle to $450 for carved and anodized titanium handle.The whole Chimera series has Talonite blades.I have'nt used the folder yet,just carried and played with it.
When I first got it the first thing I noticed was how smooth it opened and closed.Very few knives are as smooth as my Sebenza and this is one of them.Then I saw how thick the liner lock was .08".This is the thickest liner I've seen on a custom folder that was'nt an intregal design.If you've seen the new MicroTech MicroBar lock its about the same size.The extra thick lock gives me a little more sense of security and easily passes the spine whack test.
When you open and close the blade you can hear the click when it passes the ball bearing and a nice loud lock up sound when the liner locks up behind the tang of the blade.The old timers used to call it "walk and talk"refering to the sounds made when opening & closing.When you close the Chimera
slowly you can feel the blade being pulled to the handle when it gets about 1/2" away from the handle.Well made liner locks should do this but I rarely seen this done when the blade is that far,usually its 1/4".
The blade to handle ratio is very good.Blade size is 3.5" and the handle is 4.4" for a total lengh of 7.8".As I mentioned before the blade is talonite and the ground lines are excellent.Both sides match up evenly and I can find no faults.If you go to the web site you can see several pictures of the evolving Chimera line www.baldegallery.com Mine is the model 3 and the picture does not do it justice.You can't see the anodized colors well and you miss the little details which you can see in person.Like the 2 holes in the scales,they just look like holes on the web site but they curve inward slightly showing tiny milled lines.The dots on the handle are really small ball bearings that have a blue anodized color around then.The model 3 also has a nice anodized clip that rides high on the pivot side.When I first got it the clip seemed very tight so I gently and slowly pulled it out a little and now its perfect.
I am very impressed with the quality of this folder and with a talonite blade I think the price is more than reasonable.Now if talonite proves to be everything its cracked up to be this will be my E.D.C.as Mr.Ralph likes to say(every day carry).
Robb: I also have one and it is a great knife. I have over fifty custom tactical folders and this is one of the best. The quality, lines and feel are top rate. For the price the knife is a steal.
Deryk is a great knifemaker and has only been at it a few years if you can believe it. I met him at the Montana Show a couple years ago and said right away that he would be a top maker in no time! Great knives and distinctive designs!

I am thinking about getting the Chimera. It would be my 1st knife from a custom maker and I am still a little hesitant about spending that much on a knife, but I really like the materials and design. I would use it for every day carry for general tasks.

Do you have any idea how well the colored anodizing on the scales, liner, and clip hold up to wear? How thick is the stock the blade is made out of? I like the fact that the knife is very light, but I want to make sure that it is fairly sturdy. Thanks.

Thanks. I haven't tried e-mailing BladeGallery. I am waiting for a reply from Deryk because I figured he was the best person to ask!

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I am a good friend of Deryk's and I have spent time in his shop and I myself have one of the prototypes for the Chimera. The thing that impresses me most about Deryk's commitment to his customers is that every Chimera, despite having the same overall design, is completely hand made. I do not mean just hand finished, I mean made essentially from scratch with every piece being individually fitted to each knife (they are truly custom knives). Deryk does things that are very special and quite rare to ensure his knives perform at a level even higher than the most hardcore user expects. For example, he implements an enormous detent bearing to give his knives an ultra crisp opening, even fooling some chumps into thinking it is an auto. The detent also gobbles up the blade again during closing in a fasion that still gives me chills. Deryk also does not skimp on materials. His Ti liners are MASSIVE and thus the Chimera's liner lock virtually cannot fail. His handle scales are either G10, Carbon Fiber, or Ti. All scales are radiused for a great feeling in the hand and the Ti scales have a unique finish (such as the cracked pattern, the milled fishscale texture, or the row of gem-like indentations). All three grips purchase extremely well, even with wet or sweaty hands. Deryk uses Talonite for his blades, which makes them stain PROOF (not resistant), hold an edge comparable to CPM Vanadium Steels, and offers the added bonus of being virtually non-magnetic. The result? If you had to, you could clean a Chimera by hosing it down with industrial strength de-greaser without actually damaging the knife (although I sure would not recommend it, because you would have to relubricate the knife). I really think the Chimera is absolutely the best hardcore utility knife that can be had for the money. To be perfectly honest, I think its the best utility knife that can be owned, and certainly the best one I own. If you are interested in procuring one, however, you should contact blade gallery instead of Deryk personally, because Derky is very busy making Chimera's as fast as is humanly possible to keep up with the swelling demand. You can probably still contact him with intelligent questions, however ;).

-Benjamin "Durandal" Edelen
I just noticed 2 more Chimera Elites at www.arizonacustomknives.com The pictures seem a little clearer than Blade Gallery(who gives great service and a slightly lower price.I think Blade Gallery has an exclusive on the Chimera and definetly more of a selection.
I've had my Elite model 3 for 1 week now and I'm getting to like this folder more and more.This is now my carry knife.I guess I can't put it any better than thePrince did but I own over 50 custom folders from presentation art to tacticals.For the quality to price factor this is the best buy.Theres so many little factors that make this a great work knife.Like the slots or serrations on the top end of the handle and thumb ramp.I've heard some people complain that their thumb started hurting when pressing down on the slots after working the blade for a while.Deryk solved this problem by angling the slots similar to a saw so there is no pain when pressing down on the end of the handle and beginning of the blade.
The angle also makes sure there is no way your thumb and hand are going to slide up the blade if your using it in a stabbing motion.
Anyway check out the 2 Elites at Arizona Custom Knives,they may be gone soon.
Thanks for the replies. I am still getting trying to feel comfortable with the idea of paying this much for one knife.
This would be my first custom knife.

Deryk's site was one I came across a few months ago (when I first started really learning about knives) and I didn't think I could afford anything he made, until I came across the Chimera. I received an e-mail reply from Deryk today and the blade is 0.125" thick at the tang (+/- 0.005"!). It might not have been an intelligent question
, but I figured that if I am looking at custom knives, I might as well ask the maker.

When I think about it, this is a very cool idea. There are not too many things around where you can find out about them from the one person who makes them.

OK, so now I need your help on choosing a model. This knife would be for daily carry. I don't work in the woods and I don't hunt, the knife is for daily indoor tasks. It would accompany my William Henry CF Lancet as well as a small SAK (I am getting the Midnite Minichamp II to replace my Micra for keychain carry, opening up the Micra to get to the bottle opener just takes too long

I like the light weight of the knife so I was thinking about getting carbon fiber scales, but with the anodized liners and clip of the Elite models. This would be a nice combination of light weight and good looks. This sounds good, but I really like the way the Model 2 looks. I have found that I won't carry a knife if it is even a little too heavy which is why the Starmate stays in my bag and not in my pocket. Does anyone have a carbon fiber Chimera? Are you happy with this knife even though it doesn't have the looks of the Elite models? Are the CF scales contoured like the Ti scales to be comfortable in your hand?

It doesn't matter what material you choose, this knife is so light you'll barely notice you're carrying it. I was originally going to get the cabon fiber, but intead went with the blue-black G10. It looks great and is very durable.
All this talk about the Chimera is making me want to get one. The only thing that stopped an impulse buy was that there are none specifically left handed

His knives look great and for the materials he's using at the price he's asking I'm sure he'll soon become a BFC favorite.


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Its actually funny that you mention that UW, because Deryk himself is left handed, and still carrys one
He carrys a right handed one. It doesnt seem to bother him much. The opening is ambidextrous, and the closing isnt that hard to get the hang of with a left hand. You can even close it with one hand.
The yellow circles are gold inlays. I think the gold would look better in some other pattern like a stripe or zig-zag down the center of the scale. In any case, it is an amazing piece of workmanship.


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I just got one of the Chimera Carbon Fiber Chimeras from <a href="http://www.bladegallery.com/m.pl/maker_munroe.htm">Deryk's page on BladeGallery.com</a> and it is just as amazing it you'all have said. It looks like they actually have a pretty good selection of them at this point including another one of the damascus steel ultra elites. I'm thinking of getting one of the elites with the titanium scales. Has anyone on here got one of those yet and played with it?

I found Deryk's site about a week ago and I was very impressed. For a talonite blade and a design like that with a price that low, I am going to get one before the price goes up.

Have had a Chimera Elite on order for about a month now waiting for the next Elite to get done - glad to hear all the good things about it - makes me even more excited about it. When Rob, who made my two Talonite Carnivours, raves over somebody I know they are better than just good - judging by the remarks the Chimera is going to take a place alonside the Carnivours. Hoping to get some good news from Daniel any day now! Waiting is not too bad when you know it will be worth it - and these comments have reinforced my initial impressions of the Chimera.