D. H. Russell

The Canadian Armed Forces uses the DH Russell belt knife as a survival knife. I've held one and they feel nice, at least to me. I have a custom reproduction of one and I like it.
Do the D.H. Russell knives still come in carbon steel, or are the made only from stainless steel?

If they are available with carbon steel blades, please can you post where they can be obtained.


Info says high carbon german stainless. Can see at A.G.s site under production knives. www.agrussell.com What kind of steel is this?
Check out the manufacturer's web site. It's www.grohmannknives.com

They have quite a selection. It appears that they sell both stainless and carbon steel knives. Don't get sticker shock. The prices are in Canadian Dollars, equivalent to about $.70.

Email Grohmann and they'll give you a list of retailers. A.G. Russell only offers a small number of the knives. The factory also has a retail store which will ship to you.

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Being Canadian I am a little bias towards these knives. Trying to be objective....

I have the quite a few the Grohmann made stainless steel knives. My D.H. Russel belt knife (1/8" blade thickness and sabre ground) is similar to the camp knife. The camp model is 3/32" blade thicknes and is flat ground. The belt knife is one of my favorite knives.

The blade is offset below the handle. This allows me work with the knife on a cutting block without my knuckles getting in the way. There are serations on the tang for your thumb to apply more pressure (a nice feature). The handle is also curved so that there is little likelyhood of cutting one's hand due to slipping onto the blade. The edge retention is comprable to Cold Steel's tantos, not as good as their Carbon 5. These knives come in a carbon steel version also, I plan to compare the two but as yet have no data. However, the stainless version is extremely easy to sharpen.

The sheath is very much like what you get with a fillet knife. They seem to be well made and are nice looking.

The difference between the camp version over the belt knife I have as I see it. Flat ground blade weaker for prying, pooer splitter when making kindling, much better slicer and cutter. Lighter weight for the camp model.

I also have the larger survival knife which does duty in the kitchen all the time. Had the chef set but that went to my mom after she tried it out.

For camping I team the belt knife (I much prefere these over a folder) with a chopper (in my case Himalayan Import Ang Khola).

Hope this helps.