D2 Grinding?


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Feb 7, 1999
I am very seriously considering giving D2 a try on some knives. I am wondering how it compares to say 154CM or ATS34 or for that matter what about against A2 or O1, in terms of grindability? Any input will be greatly appreciated.

I am not talking about anything to do with heat treating as I know that it must be done right, which is why I will send the blades to the master for treatment

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D2 will be a LOT harder to grind than the O1; this much I know for sure. As for the A2, the difference will be less noticable. D2 is also harder to grind than the ATS34 and 154CM. The Vanadium in the D2 makes a big difference.

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What DANBO said! Fresh 36,40 or 50 grit belts depending on blade style for roughing and not a lot of fancy grinding prior to heat treat
After heat treat I use 80 grit then 120, 220, fresh 400, worn 400 DONE !! Ready for hand rub. If mirror polishing or finer finish is needed I go through the range or Trizacts from 30 down to 6 on SLOW speed.
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