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Daes of upcoming shows?

Oct 9, 1998
I was wanting to go to the blade show this year but I don't think I'm going to be able to. I'm going to try to go to some other shows if I can. Can anyone give me a list of the upcoming good shows in the eastern half of the country. Thanks in advance.

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I'm pretty sure there's going to one in New York (city) March 5-6. If I can find more info I'll post it later.
Check all the knife publications including KnifeWorld they post names and dates of shows.
Shows in the east--the NY Custom show is
3/12-3/14 in New York city...call 417-3352170.

There's a magazine put out by Krause--Gun and Knife show calendar--that lists them all. I can't lay my hands on my copy, but where is the "east" for you? I have listings for the NY/NJ/PA area, both gun and knife.

Blade Magazine also lists knife shows for the forseeable future.
Look at "Mark your calendar" in TK mag. In the East: NYC as mentioned and Meadowlands Custom Knife Show in NJ- info 516 781 5515.
Hope this helps.


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Thanks to all. I live in KY, but am willing to travel a little. I think I've seen the gun and knife show calendar in a local bookstore, I'll look for it again.
I've received more info on the custom knife show in NYC 3/12-3/14; I'll post it on the "community" forum.
Mason-Dixon Knife Club's Annual 3-day Knife Show
(150 tables, all knives or knife related items, no guns or flea market items)

April 30 (4pm-8pm), May 1 (8am-4pm) & May 2 (9am-2pm)
Mason-Dixon Auto Auction Complex
12876 Molly Pitcher Highway, Greencastle, PA 17225 (Exit 2, I-81)

for info contact: Mathew (Pee Wee) Halterman, show chairman 540-436-9425

"donations" (ie. admissions) $4; tables $55

* I have a flyer but, would appreciate input from anyone who knows anything about this show. I want to know if it's worth the drive for me.


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