Daily SHOT Report, Day 2


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Oct 2, 1998
Today wasn't nearly as productive as yesterday, considering that we got there at about 12:30. Still though, I saw a lot of neat stuff....

Knife wise it was a slow day. We started at Mission Knives and saw their latest additions to their line of products. Most notable are the steel versions of their MPK and MPT. This knives feel good in your hand. The MPK also has a smaller brother now, both of which balance very well in your hand. Scott Evans of EdgeWorks made a few custom prototype sheaths for the MPS and the MPU models, which simply have to be seen to be believed. The MPU sheath can be worn in several different positions, from SOB to IWB to a standard belt carry. The MPS sheath is also capable of multiple positions, but do to it's larger size it's a bit more restricted. But, it will work equally well hanging upside down from LBE, strapped to a thigh or calf, or hanging from a standard belt. Still though, you have to check out the Steel MPK, it's well worth it.

Next on the list was Ti Knives. TiKnives was very nice to talk to and while we didn't see too much new from them, it was quite interesting to see their exploded view knife cast in a lucite block, it really gives you a perspective on how well made this knife is.

While we were talking with TiKnives, I met and talked with a representative of a new company, Speed Knife. Let me tell you something folks, this is going to be a company to watch. The guy I spoke with, Jim O'Young is a retired Silicon Valley engineer that did all of the CAD drawings and then built all of the prototypes he showed me in the 5 DAYS BEFORE SHOT. And these knives are awesome. They have a similar bearing system to the TiKnives, and are completely CNC machined, so the handle materials and blade material's are completely variable. And judging from the samples that I saw today they are going to be rockets. Handles will be available in a variety of colors, Splash Anodized, mirror polished, simply phenomenal. Can you tell I'm excited about these knives?

The final knife stop was at Round Eye Knife and Tool, where we spoke for quite a while with Bob Taylor, who educated me on some of the benefits of reverse grip knife fighting. Before today, I didn't like this style, but now I've changed my mind. Bob's booth was a stopping point for a lot of people, and we met Larry Harley, as well as several third party manufacturers and suppliers, including Michael Sastre of River City Sheath's, who will be making some neck sheaths for Spyderco in the near future. We also met Pat and Wes Crawford, who's REKAT Knives are easily recognizable due to their distinctive styles.

But the best part of our time at REKAT was getting the chance to talk with Bram Frank, and discussing knives techniques. The guy is very open, and willing to talk about different styles and more than happy to show you how things work, hence his teaching school: "Common Sense Self Defence". Bram showed us a new offering from REKAT, the Escalator, so named because it can be used in several modes as an escalation in force until the blade is deployed. The "horns" and various points on the knife make it great for using as a punch, come-along, etc, and my arm has the bruises/scratches to show it.

Here's the best part, though: Bram has just completed filming a series of training videos with Paladin for the Escalator. For one price, the buyer will get the videos, a dull "trainer" version of the knife, and a "live" version of the Escalator for use after you have learned how to use the trainer properly. One of the really interesting things about the knife is that you can open it on your oponent, or practically anything else. It doesn't have a thumbhole, stud, wheel or anything else, but the blade has a projection on it for opening (I forgot the proper name). Anyhow, you can use this projection as a pressure point for all sorts of strikes, drags, and twists. You have to experience it in action to really appreciate it. Look for Bram to be lending his opinions around here after the show.

In firearms news, I saw quite a few interesting things today. First off was the Carbon 15 series of AR rifles and pistols. One particularly varient featured a quick detaching stock, and since the reciever is made of carbon fiber, they work better without lubrication, so they are that much easier to clean.

For the "too cool" factor, there was the CrossFire, 12Ga over, .223 under combination rifle/shotgun. It takes standard AR magazines (it comes with 5 rounders). My main problem with it is that you have to use the pump to chamber rounds for both the rifle and the shotgun, and that the controls are nowhere near ambidexterous. There is also almost no heat shielding so you can easily be burned by the barrels when they heat up. But it certainly looks cool....

Also worth mentioning was the new Phalanx holster, which secures the weapon by taking the slide out of battery, and then locking into the holster itself. To remove the firearm, you push down and pull back, chambering a round in the process. The holster is secure enough for airborn operations, and even can be pinned shut to prevent removal of the firearm. It's neat, to say the least, and looks like something out of a SciFi movie.

HK had a OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) behind glass at their display area. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this weapon system, it's the new replacement for the M203 weapons system: It features a 20mm clip fed grenade launcher over a .223 rifle, both of which use the same sighting system and trigger. You can find more information on this weapon online, it's very cool. Stuff not locked away include the new Fabarm line of shotguns, and the USP Tactical and Expert Models, as well as a USP chambered in .357 SIG. I really want an Expert, since it has control levers on both sides of the frame, making it perfect for lefties and righties.

Mossberg and Colt didn't seem to have anything too special, and I didn't spend any time at the ammunition booths. Quite frankly, I only made it halfway through this section of booths before they shut down the show for the evening.

At a cocktail party after the show, I had the opportunity to meet Chuck Staple, the designer of the 1999 SHOT show knife. I'll be meeting with him again tomorrow, so that we can get some pictures of his other work and to get a chance to talk with him further.

Like I said, today wasn't as productive, but it was fun and I liked talking with Bram Frank a lot. I saw The Firing Line pens at quite a few places, and had a chance to meet up with a few members who frequent both forums, so the day was quite worthwhile.


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One other item of note:

We stopped by the Smith and Wesson Knives area and was suprised to see Stewart of S&W chatting up three members of the the Shop-At-Home Network. One of the guys, listed as "On air talent" had a pile of bandaids on his hands, while checking out the new pieces from S&W's line. S&W debuted smaller versions of their SWAT auto, and a new OTF auto that has the feel of a Dalton to it. Nothing special, but I thought it was pretty humorous.

Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Again well done. And I wouldn't be surprised if you handled "my" knife at the Mission booth. The new MPK-SS in the medium of the three sizes (10.5" OAL), Al Ni Nitride coated A2 steel, plain edge. John is to send it to me after the show (set it up with him by phone on 13 January). Wish I had a way (hint, hint) of getting Scott Evans to take it with him instead of John shipping it to me so he could fashion a sheath for it like the MPU you described... oh well. One of the prices for not being able to be there.

Anxiously awaiting pixs <grin>


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Thanks for keeping us informed! I hope you are taking lots of pics!
Thanks for "DAY 2: THE SHOT SHOW NEWS". I'll be waiting for day three.

I was glad you got together with Chuck, he is a great guy and a talented Knife Maker, Ihope you will share some of his work with the forum.

and thanks for coming to the party, I hope you had fun, even if we didn't have too many knives around