Daily SHOT report, Day 3


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Oct 2, 1998
Today's report is going to be a bit shorter than the others, since most of today was spent running back and forth. Here are the highlights:

I spent about a half hour with Chuck Stapel, the creator of the 1999 SHOT Show knife, and took some pictures of some of his other work. Chuck is a heck of a nice guy, and expressed a genuine interest in getting more involved on the web, and especially with our site.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith hit the show today, they stopped by Benchmade and several other booths. I hit Benchmade right when they were leaving, or else I would have pictures, but both Dave Mallory and Les DeAsis said that they enjoyed themselves. Me, I walked up, did a double take, and a "Hey, isn't that...". To their credit, Steven and Joe were dressed down and didn't attract much attention, they looked like many of the vendor's/exhibitors at the show.

Irene Mandrel (Barbara's sister) stopped by the Busse booth, in time for some photo's, and she was impressed with the line of knives.

I got some photo's of the new Cold Steel Triple Action folder, it certainly looks different. The lockup seems solid enough, but to be fair I didn't have much of a chance to handle it.

I also got a series of photo's that will be posted here showing Bram Frank demonstrating the use of the new REKAT Escalator in a variety of method's before the blade is actually deployed. For additional viewing pleasure, the target dummy in this series is Mike Turber himself...

Last, but not least, some news from Spyderco:
Today I looked at several prototype models that should be reaching the market in a relatively short time, including my personal favorite a folding "credit card" knife, made of stainless, and is very ergonomic. Also, Nakano, the Dive Probe may indeed be rereleased for you divers out there, and there are several interesting foreign designs that are going to be produced, including a few George Sakai models that look very nice indeed. Also, there is a new sharpener design in the works with a preproduction nick name of "the gauntlet". Jim, you'll be happy to know that they had a larger Dyad in the developement case, and there was also a micro-Civilian in Titanium that is intended as a keychain knife. Finally, I learned that Sal is a big fan of racing motorcycles
to the point where he even carries a picture of his rice rocket with him.... so I guess that the "Knife People are Motorcycle People" theory is proving true after all! Seriously though, Sal was very nice to talk to, and was more than willing to discuss design philosophies, business practices/ethics and just about everything else under the sun as long as you were willing to. I look forward to being able to talk to him again, hopefully after I get a motorcycle of my own...


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As per always, I forgot some things...

Steve Shackleford did about a half hour interview with Mission Knives about their new product line. Also, Mission promised that they would provide one of their Steel MPK's for the upcoming head to head knife tests.

Scott Evan's of EdgeWorks was on hand with some members of his shop who were more than happy to talk about their product, and Piper showed me his Kydex Spyderco Moran sheath that they are now producing. Designed to be worn horizantally on the belt, this sheath allows the knife to be quickly deployed from SOB, behind the hip, or strong side, or cross draw carries.

Thanks again for your patience folks!


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Hi Spark. Thanks for the Spyderco Dive Probe update. I' m sure CD will be happy.


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Spark, could you grab the people over at the Al Mar stand and try to get some info from them...
Why are they almost impossible to find on the market? Any new models?

Again my thanks for the report and for fixing the site. Never fails eh? Out of town and bonk the site goes down

I thought it was neat that Scott Evans and HM2 Frank Piper were showing off those Spydie Moran sheaths that started with my request for their design team to come up with a design for both myself and my active duty son.

Now if I can find Steve Shackleford's e-mail address.......


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Folks, Spark really did a yeomans job keeping us up to date. The Shot Show is something else as far as the size of it. We are lucky to have someone with so much dedication to this site and it's members and I have been lucky to witness it first hand.