Daily SHOT Show Report: Day 4


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Oct 2, 1998
"So long, farewell, baby byebye..."

All good things must come to an end, and the 1999 SHOT show was no exceptions. I spent most of today taking pictures of manufacturers and products, shaking hands, and making promises to meet again at the 1999 Blade Show.

I want to personally thank the following people for making my first SHOT show so enjoyable:

Will Fennell, for suprising me with the extremely generous gift of a Black bladed Genesis;
Sal Glesser, for taking the time to chat with me, despite his busy schedule and my inane questions;
Chris and Anne Reeve (as well as the rest of the CR crew) for being such charming dinner companions on Monday, and for being so friendly overall;
Rob Cude, Kit Carson, and Darrel Ralph, for being much less charming, and more sarcastic, but just as friendly and fun at dinner, and throughout the entire show. (Furby says: "The render-safe procedure is...");
Sid Post, for bringing his laptop even though we didn't use it;
Jerry, Jennifer, and Dan Busse, Aubrey, and the rest of the Busse Combat company for showing us their new line and maintaining such good humor despite their booth's location,
Les and Roberta deAsis, hope you guys lose fewer knives next year
Ernest and Mary Emerson for their frankness and honesty;
Rick and John from Mission, for their patience and understanding, as well as their commitment to the forums and their product;
Bob Taylor from REKAT, for being willing to teach me the error of my ways, and for his hilarious stories (and cool products);
Bram Frank for his demonstration of the Escalator, and for not bruising me even worse
when I was the target;
Tony Marfione, Walter Brend, and the entire Microtech Team for their usual excellence in creations;
Gus Kalanzis for putting up with Raechel and myself, and our dogs, without a complaint;

and last but not least, the members and moderators of BladeForums.com who kept going even though we were away, proving yet again that our trust in you guys is well deserved.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Ya done good! Really, I know all of us here appreciate your taking the time to share you insights and observations of the Show, its products, and the folks behind them.

It sounds like you and Mike worked a mother lode vein (no offense Simonich if you see this..<hehehehehe>) and as a result we will all benefit with more folks joining in here. I also look forward to seeing those photos you and Mike took as well as more detailed information on the new products that will undoubtedly be coming from their respective makers/firms.

My only regret is my timing. I was a day late in catching you at Gus's place. I was looking for an intermediary to help me arrange something more efficiently as both parties were at the show together. Not a problem though.....

Again....great job!

Hear,Hear!"For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good..." Just wanted to thank both you guy's and everyone connected with this fine effort.As has been said often and better, a vicarious thrill is better than zip.Thanks again. Mike K.