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Dalton M9 12" OTF

Sep 17, 1999
Does anyone have knowledge of this knife. I have seen protos and it looks like a large M6. I am impressed with the M6 and was wondering if anyone has held and M9 and could make comparasion.

Thank you for your response. I am surprised that no hole exists on the charging handle. The M6 has one. This being a bigger knife it seems certain it would. It is always possible to modify.

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I'll let you know when mine comes in next week. They just arrived at the dealers early this last week. Its just an extra long M6.

The M9 arrived today. Although I don't currently have an M6 with which to make a side-by-side comparison, the M9 appears to just be an extra long M6. The spring is VERY strong. There is slight side-to-side blade play in the open position. No up and down movement. The charging handle is difficult to grip. There is no cross pin or hole for a lanyard on the charging handle. It comes with a pocket clip, but you would need really deep pockets to hold the M9.

Hope this helps.