Dalton Pockethawks

Jul 29, 1999
I just saw the Dalton Pockethawk in the auction room, wow. Thats an amazing knife, Due to my state laws an auto isn't practical. Does anyone know of a similer knife with the small hawksbill. Under $100 (not a custom)

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Spyderco Merlin
Spyderco Harpy
CRKT Seahawk
Kershaw Talon (is the Talon made by Kershaw?)

That`s all that come to mind, but I`m sure I must be missing a bunch!
The microtech Kestrel is over a hundred the MOD Lady Hawk is around a hundred I think, but can't think of anything else at the moment.
Oh yeah....CUDA also makes a nice hawkbill in the $100 range. Plus you get that next-best-thing-to-auto opening mechanism with the CUDA. Might be worth the extra $ to you.
FYI- There is a nice Kershaw Talon with G10 for sale over in the Knives for Sale: Individual Forum. Very reasonably priced as well. Check it out.