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damage that could have been avoided

Sep 24, 2000
What is the worst damage you have done to a knife that you regret,because you could have avoided it by waiting one second to get another ,more appropriate tool.When it happened you think "what the H*** is wrong with me?"But it's too late.Tears in your beer time.
Interesting topic..... My latest was throwing REKAT UNK I recently found on BFC. Using a box that was previously empty I draw a quick target on it and step back for a few throws thinking nothing of it keep it up half a dozen times or so then look at the blade..... TWO good sized chips and after I'd just sharpened it! DOH! Open the box and my wife had placed a surge protector in there. The knife had hit the wire cutting through the outter insulation and one copper wire before chipping on the next one in 2 places! Two sharpenings later and one is gone while the other still lingers!

Enough tears for a couple beers!

"The difference between being a Coward
and a Hero is not whether you're scared,
it's what you do while you're scared."
Oh man, there are too many stupid things to count that I did with a bali. Lets see, one time I was flipping a bali and I just rotated the bite handle instead of flipping out both handles and accidently gripped and sqeezed the scary sharp blade. Of course I wasn't looking so I only felt the burn... It hurts just thinking of it.

Nothing big, but lots of stupid careless sharpening. I wasn't paying any attention when I was sharpening my 710 on a benchstone, and whoops, scratch the whole darned knife. (It's all good now, I just gave it a 3 hr long HP


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