Damaged in transit. 18" WWII by kami with no name. Save $50. Pix.

Mar 5, 1999

Here's a 10/10 18 inch, 1.5 pound WWII by the kami with no name. This rig took a pretty good hit getting here from Nepal. Scabbard got split (you can see the split in the pix -- about 1.5 inches down from the mouth of the scabbard) and about a half inch section of the ring that runs around the handle got knocked off. Everything else is fine and up to HI standards.

The knife and scabbard will work just fine as is or you can make repairs if you like. Bottom line is you save $50 off regular price.

We will deliver this rig to your door for $95.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Uncle Bill,
you will let us know more info on this Kami with no name once you yourself recieve. He seems to know what he's doing.
Is that WWII as light, compared to other WWIIs, as my sirupati? Maybe he's another Kumar in the works, hopefully with fewer wives. Or, it could be like what they did with sarki with no name, and it is Kumar.

"ONE" got away!Oh well, nice that someone got a good deal besides,Koz, Brian,& That NDN!Besides"Research" has me Very busy!
Waiting for a YCS from Bura!LOL!Blues is gonna be jealous with my next move! hee!