Damaged tarwar -- pix and deal.

Mar 5, 1999
This one went out and came back with no tip as shown (if I can get the pix to post). 35 inches and made by Kumar. Very good work by Kumar. The customer just forgot that the tips on all our stuff are considerably softer than the rest of the blade. Use marks on the blade tell me the tip took a pretty heavy workout. Only forward half of the blade was used. Back half is unmarked.

You can use a grinder and have a new tip on this in 3 minutes or you can spend 30 minutes with file and stone and do it by hand. Either way if you get the tip reworked and the blade polished you end up with an "as new" tarwar for $175.

Call or email.


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good thing you held back on the 18" AK, eh Sarge?

Oh man, my willpower flew out the window when I saw this sweetheart.
Tip damage? Not for long.:D Still, a sword is a very personal weapon to my way of thinking. Depending on how well or not I bond with this one, I may or may not have a Bura tarwar, complete with baldric, up for grabs and looking for a home. More to come.

I don't think so Keith, sporting that nice tsuba and habaki I think I'll just restore it to like new and let well enough be.

good thing you held back on the 18" AK, eh Sarge?

You got that right:D that's one fine looking "scratch and dent"!
Now if I could find somebody that got one of them red scabbarded "Christmas Kardas", who might be interested in some horse trading, I'd have one awesome sword and dagger set. I've got a variety of knives and bayonets that would be available for "trading stock". Just thinking out loud.

Originally posted by Bill Martino
I have this special Christmas Karda with a red leather scabbard.....
Them's fightin words, Bill....

:eek: :D :p :rolleyes:
Why am I not the least bit surprised? Hang on to it until I've had a chance to get acquainted with the tarwar, and I've got a feeling I'll be getting back with you on that one.:D

Dan, if he's only got one you're welcome to it. I love my plain horn handled Kumar Karda, and I can always make a dyed to match scabbard to mount on the tarwar's scabbard and carry them "en suite". Now that would be a trick eh? Possibly the first tarwar to have it's own karda.

A Tarwar with it's own karda would be a pretty good conversation piece at some of the events you go to. It might just make quite an hit. They sure can't look down their nose at the Tarwar or, the Karda either for that matter. :) :D
I like the idea of a tarwar with a tsuba - is it a special order or do they appear like this from time to time?

Originally posted by Bill Martino
Actually, I have these two special Kumar Kardas with Christmas red leather scabbards.......

Do you really Bill, or are you just teasing us?