Damascus and Ivory Fight for ABS Expo

Mar 31, 2005
This mosaic damascus fighter has a fossil walrus ivory handle, damascus fittings, stainless steel liners, and a mosaic damascus blade. The blade and fittings have been gun blued to a dark finish.

This will come with a Paul Long sheath as well and again my pictures are lackluster. I hope to see you in SA.




I love that knife. Terrific pattern, beautiful ivory and cool handle design. Sweet!

Josh, that is incredibly nice knife, but I would offer a personal observation. If I was making such a piece, which I cannot at this point (and possibly never so take it for what it is worth), I would think about installing the center damascus spacer at an angle in between the one of the back of the ferrule and that of the buttcap.
This is a piece of art.
Everything here is near perfection and must be admired!
Crappy photos STILL show clearly how terrific the patterns are. What I think I'd LOVE to see are the stunning colors this one has.

Looking forward to the better images after the show. Don't let this one go past Eric's room without a trip inside. :)

Well done.

Coop (BTW, they are above average photos--for a knifemaker.... ;))
Nice looking one, Josh. Love that walrus ivory, great package.


Bob Betzner
Thank you so much guys. I appreciate it.

Coop, I will definetly have Eric shoot it. Usually I shoot a little better but when I was cleaning my shop a while back I set my light box outside. 30 minutes later I looked up to rain and the white paper on it was ruined! I need to rebuild it and it is really nice to have your tutorial to do that. Thanks!