Damascus Bodega white spot on blade finish

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    Sep 14, 2016
    I recently purchased a herringbone Damascus Bodega from a forum member. I noticed that the etching of the backside of the blade has developed a white spot and a milky area in the middle. Please see the picture below (I originally thought the white spot / milky area on the blade are due to lighting, but I was wrong, they are really there).

    I contacted Begg Knives to reapply the finish to get rid of the white spot and milky area but I haven’t heard back yet. Any suggestion as to the cause of the white spot / milky area and any self help measure I can take would be greatly appreciated! The seller apparently didn’t know the cause and suggested flitz.

    What has been people’s experience with Begg Knives customer service? Will they take care of me? I am willing to pay whatever costs to repair this. The knife is abolutely amazing otherwise.

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