Damn...I'll never learn!

Nov 27, 1999
I just opened a new division of my company. Things are a little slow now so I have a little more time on my hands. I finished the have-to-do work and decided to build a matulis. I spent most of the day grinding it out and decided to heat treat it. I normalized and started setting up....HMMMM where's my big quench tank...oh yeah, that was the big metal trash can that my wife took to the dump and left.

Well I had some 2inch aluminum tubing and cut off a 3 foot piece. I plugged the bottom and filled it with burned motor oil. Now I knew that I'd get the flaming volcano of death, but I've done that before just never in 2 inch tubing. I heated the oil and heated the steel. I quenched and got the flaming volcano of death. Oh well...no big deal, at least it was done. I file tested the sword and it was soft as butter.

HMMMM....2 inch tubing...not cooling fast enough...I'll use hot water.

Well I did and got the boiling cauldren of death. It thumped and boiled and kicked and spewed. Then I heard and felt TINK, TINK, Tink...crack.

The damn thing cracked in three places and broke in half one other place.

Anybody know what went wrong? (not a serious question):rolleyes: :eek: :eek: :eek:
You know the answer. I heard that tink tink noise before on a really nice forged bowie blade. When I hold it up to the sun I can see right through it.
the dreaded forge gnomes have invaded your shop,

you have to get 3 people in hawaiian shirts to do a hopping dance on one foot while whistling german opera through their noses.( either that or find a tsutsu witch doctor)
In an efort to make you feel better, I once saw a sword maker cry after that TINK.
It was on a 30 inch blade of Grandpa Meier damascus.:eek: :( :mad: