Oct 7, 1998
Ok,i know weve all done this before and if you havent yet someday you will, i stripped one of the screws while changing the scales of my Cheyenne, hey those suckers are tiny! whats the easyest way to remove the stripped screw.Anybody got any tricks?

BigZ; isn't that a pain in the neck? Usually, the problem isn't getting a stripped screw out, as the hole for the driver usually deforms first.

If your screw has stripped the threads, and is just sitting there, try turning the knife so that the screw points down, and tapping the knife with a small piece of wood.

Should this not work, use blue Loc-Tite, and insert the allen wrench or Torx driver into the head of the screw overnight. It should be easy to remove the screw then.

Hope this helps. Walt
If that doesn't do it. here is somehing else you can try, get a left hand drill bit and drill it out. If you use a left hand drill bit usely it will come out without drilling very far. The drilling action unscrews it, but if you use a right hand drill bit it will get tigher after you start drilling and you have to go all the way thru it, and that could ruin something.

-Greg Johnson

On my MOD Ladyhawk the clip screw stripped. While trying to drill it out I realized that the drill was in reverse. Suddenly the screw just came out...much to my suprise. Needless to say I was very happy. I guess it may work if the screw isn't in too tight.
Nick that's why I said use a left hand drill bit. It works in reverse.

-Greg Johnson

Double posts

I guess you could say i screwed up

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Big Z let me know if you can't get the screw out. Also send me your email address as I have misplace it, so i can send you some screws.

Jim @ James Brother Knives

What i did was stripped the head of the screw not the threads,i got the first three out no problem ,I dont think its going to take much to get it out ,i just thought id get some opinions before i got out the drill out.uugh!
Also i just want to say that everything you have heard about JB knives is true! Jims customer service and warrenty are great, he went out of his way to take care of me when i sent my Cheyenne back for a slight problem.Thanks Jim!

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Greg i used a normal drill bit...thats why i was so damn suprised.But your right a lefty bit would work better.
First off, get that poor thing dressed before it gets arrested for indecent exposure.


OK, seriously, what I'd do is goto a hardware store and get a hex screwdriver bit that fits as well as possible. Should be about $1.50 or so. Put a *tiny* dab of JB-Weld on the tip, stick it into the stuck screw and prop it up vertical and GLUE the screwdriver bit to the screw! It'll be about 8 hours plus to dry...but once dry, pop it right off.

The other option is to take the smallest wood chisel you can find and heavily alter it on a grinder so that the sharp tip is only as wide as the screw. Gently "drive it in", cutting it's own regular screwdriver bit slot, then twist it out. Or take an unmodified wood chisel, VERY GENTLY put one corner into the "rim" area of the screw and tap it in a circular motion. This sort of thing takes *extreme* care on something as small as a knife screw, to avoid "slipping and bouncing" onto the knife. If you keep the amount of glue low that's the safest; if you accidently drip some onto the knife wipe it away right NOW and just "start over".

Jim March
jim s idea sounds the wisest....the main thing is to get a screw driver that FITS.. thats how you probably screwed up (no pun intended) in the first place...or if you got all the other ones off why cant you just turn the gripes and pull up and get it off that way....dont exactly know what the knife looks like...but ive done that before....main thing...push hard when you are turning.....