Danner Striker GTX boots?

Oct 2, 2001
Anyone tried these new boots? They're quite a bit cheaper than the Acadias, look good, but no one in my area has any...any thoughts, good or bad?

I originally ordered these from here then I changed the order to these Blackhawk II's , I got my BlackHawks from New York Clothiers also, they told me they can get any of the Danners for me ($169 + shipping). Great Shoes, All leather like the Acadias.

I have apairof the STriker GTX in brown suede. They cannot be resoled, are lighter than the Blackhawk/Patrol and have more of a running shoe feel. They are fine for the money. That said, I prefer my Danner Patrol 6" boots for stability and overall "damn, my feet like these".
I tried some on at a local store. They were comfortable. I ended up with the acadia though. The acadia may be more but they will last forever and you can have them resoled. Well worth the extra $$$.
I have a pair of the short Strikers. They are comfortable and fairly light. I use them for work when in civilian dress, and prefer the Acadia for uniform work
If it says Danner on them it's hard to go wrong, I'm a sold fan of Danners now after my 1st pair this past year!
Just a heads up - those boots are made in China, I believe. If you look at the boots on their website, if the boot is made in the USA it will say so. If it doesn't mention it, well...they aren't!

Main reason they are so much cheaper than the Acadias.