DannyInJapan's Seaxy New Sheath

Daniel Koster

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 18, 2001
I'll let him do the explaining for this one! !:eek: :D :p

Thanks for posting the pics Dan.
I really appreciate it.

I really just unsewed the old sheath and rearranged the pieces in a way that I felt was safer and to my liking.

The knife now hangs, edge up, at about a 55 degree angle. (I got gravity working FOR me now)

Also, it doesnt matter which way you put it on, its ambidextrous, I guess you'd say.
I was thinking of doing the same...thanks for confirming that it will work!
Yeah, it works fine. I should have done it a while ago.
I may still make another one that is full-length, but this one works fine.
I'll paypal you $3.47 for the big toe in the third pic:)

I really need to fix my seax sheath.....thanks for the painful reminder....:D
I'm going to have to get you to make me something EXTRA special... ;)