Darrel Ralph Apogee D/A

Well I have had this knife for 2 weeks now and here is my review.

This knife is the prototype large model D/A and was ordered with 420V black coated blade. The dimesions are as follows. Length closed = 5 1/2 inches. Length open = 10 5/8ths inches. Width is .420, which is between 3/8ths and a half inch. Weight is 5.3 ounces.

This knife is identical to the large model M/A except for the fact that the backstop pin is the hidden release for the auto function. Darrel also said the he put two screws on the back of this knife but the regular ones will only come with one, you will see what I mean in the picture that follows. Where the usual back spacer would be on a regular knife, this one is open except for the fact that you see the leaf spring. The kick on the release is a little harder then the auto krait but won't kick out of your hands.

This knife is made well and has the usual Darrel Ralph quality that comes with it. Lockup is tight and all the parts are machined extremely well! Anyone needing more info can contact Darrel at:




CJ, what's the black coating on the blade?

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LD - the coating is a Teflon based. Darrel does that himself.

Dexter Ewing
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Thanks Dexter, I like this knife in the DA configuration, somewhere in the back of my mind I'm thinking of ordering one.

I think I'd opt for the satin finish, or even Damascus. The thought of that Black-T or what ever else you might want to call it scratching, (and yes everyone of the blades I bought early on with this stuff marked up even with fairly light use) would make me crazy.

"Every Dog Has His Day"



Oct 26, 1998
LD, the hand rubbed finish on the M?A Apogee really shows off the flat grind.