Dating Case Folding Guards


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Dec 7, 2005
I have five model 51050 folding guards that I am giving a few of to my son I bought three from Parker and they have word Case in the bomb inlay Tested 19USa on the front and 51050SAB on the back under TestedXX and two I bought from a local dealer in the 1990s that have case in a circle and 51050 LSSP on the back, and CaseXX SS USA on the front. Any info on these would be great! Since I am a Gold member some idea of value would be great too!
You've got some swell center, "Big Coke Bottle" hunting style knives. Post pictures of them especially, the tangs to determine the date/year of manufacture.
I have to see how to post pictures here....I do on other sites but not as easy here. I will try...
Do a search for 'Case Tang Stamps' on Google or whatever your search engine is. The stamp, and in some cases the dots under it, determine the year it was made. The shields also can help.
I did do that. I can't find info on the Parker ones? I believe I bought them around 1992. Anyone have an idea on value ( not looking to sell just to tell my son).
Most likely from Parkers Case Classic line, made by Queen. This pattern was one of the early ones, introduced in 1990 I believe.
The son of Jim Parker, James 'Buzz' Parker, co-published a guide called the 'Pocket Knife Trader's Price Guide', part of which lists the Case Classic line of knives (production ran from 1990 - 1998), and the rest of the book covers Bulldog brand knives and many of Case's standard line of knives from the 'Tested XX' era forward. The copy I have (Vol. 8, 2007) lists the Case Classic 51050 variants of this knife ('1050L Swing Guard Lockback'). The 'values' listed in the guide need to be taken with a grain of salt, as they're estimated by the Parker family themselves. The book isn't specific about what year(s) individual models were released, but at least it's a little bit of information on the line itself; more than can be found elsewhere, from what I've seen. They do provide numbers for how many of each were produced, which is somewhat useful.
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Go on Ebay and search for those knives, then click on the 'Sold' check box over to the left and you can see what they've been selling for.

I do that before I sell anything, to see what people are paying for the item.