David Baker offline indefinitely....

Oct 3, 1998
David called me this evening and asked if I can make this post for him. His computer was hit by a virus and therefore he'll be offline indefinitely until he can get it repaired. Therefore, he will not be reading/answering any emails in the meantime. He will check in with us as soon as he can get back up and running. Please report any thread maintenance issues to Spark.
Hi Dexter,

Was he struck with than new one going around? I've received it about 30 times since Saturday. I'm very thankful for my internet "condom!" :D (Norton Antivirus).
Fixing virus damage is usually only a two hour deal... Unless it's of the WinCIH variety of viruses that trashes your CMOS... but that's another story. Too bad he doesn't live nearby or I'd fix it for him for nadda.
Thanks for the update Dex. Can you please email me David's address? I need to send him some cash :D I sure hope he gets it up and running soon.
Is he DBAKER4@carolina.rr.com? I thought that might be him. I recently got copies of the SirCam worm in the mail from him and wrote back to tell him he was infected, in case he didn't know yet.:( I hope he gets it straightened out soon and successfully. I've never figured out what motivates the low-lifes who write that $#!T to do it, but I hope whoever did create it gets caught and flayed alive.:mad:

Good luck, David!

Paul - yep, that's him. I talked with him again last night and he said he's about to the point where he will be back online very soon. Wanted to know which bastids are raising cain on his forum so he can crack some skulls when he gets back :D :p
I'm back! we have Norton Antivirus. I quarantined the attachment, but it let itself out! Sorry to all who I might have infected.
Good to Hear David! those are nasty things those viruses...

Glad ya got it taken care of, David.

I recieved it from you TWICE, and I deleted one, and scanned the other just to see for sure...and my McAfee got rid of it post haste.

Welcome back.

I got it too, but luckily I was on my work computer when checking my mail :) I think Altavista actually caught it, as I couldn't even open the email!

Good to see you made it back, David.:) I hope everybody takes to heart the need for protection and practices safe computing. That stuff is nasty!:mad: